Ryan Garcia Tests Positive For Steriods For Second Time

Ryan Garcia’s B sample, taken prior to his April 20th match-up with Devin Haney, returned positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Daily Mail reports the 25-year-old tested positive for Ostarine, which is a banned substance.

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Haney Reacts To Failing Steroid Test

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) tested Garcia’s samples. His wild victory over Haney shocked the boxing world. The steroids allegedly in Ryan’s system could explain why his punch packed so much power. Garcia scored 3 knockdowns against Haney.

The boxer took to social media after the test results went public. On May 23, he tweeted, “Let’s go we positive positive vibes bruh Yess so happy’ and following that up with ‘I F****** LOVE STERIODS.”

Furthermore, Garcia seemingly implied that he was set up.

He added, “I don’t care I’ll never make money again with boxing your loss not mine for setting me up lol joke on yall.”

As previously reported by The Shade Room, Haney went in on Garcia after it was revealed that he failed the A sample.

Ryan’s Legal Team Speaks

Y! Sports reports Garcia’s legal representatives released a statement following the announcement of the dirty samples.

It read, “Ryan Garcia is committed to clean and fair competition and has never intentionally used any banned substance.”

Additionally, his attorneys revealed, “Ryan voluntarily had his hair collected and shipped to Dr. Pascal Kintz, the foremost expert in toxicology and hair-sample analysis.”

The statement said, “The results of Ryan’s hair sample came back negative.” The message also noted that the controversial boxer had “tested negative multiple times leading up to the fight against Haney.”

Social Media Reacts

Roommates who commented under The Shade Room’s Instagram report weighed in on Garcia’s results.

Roomie, @iknowwhereiwanttoeat, couldn’t believe a fighter would be allowed in the ring before the tests were completed.

“You test folks, let them fight, the find out after they already beat the hell out of someone that they test positive. Do better,” she wrote.

Additionally, comedian Lil Duval commented, “This a good way to sell a rematch.”

Some Roommates felt a win is a win.

@thecliffthegift said, “whatever Ryan beat that dude, we can move on.”

Do you think Ryan cheated by taking ‘roids or was he set up like he claims?

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