Sally Beauty Catches Backlash Due To Deleted TikTok (WATCH)

Sally Beauty is currently catching heat due to a now-deleted TikTok shared by the brand.

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More Details Regarding The Now-Deleted TikTok From Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty reportedly took to TikTok recently to share a video which has now been deleted. In footage chronicled by The Shade Room, a young African American woman is seen promoting a product from the brand.

The product is called a Cold Vapor Styler flat-iron and seems to use vapor rather than heat to straighten hair.

“It transforms water into cold vapor for you to use to straighten or curl your hair, which equals less passes, which equals less damage,” she explains.

The woman then tells viewers that her hair is “really coarse,” explaining that she has textured, 4C hair. From there, she demonstrates using the product on her own strands.

By the end of the clip, the woman ends up praising Sally Beauty for getting it right with their innovation.

Social Media Reacts

However, social media users did not agree and shared their criticism of the brand.

Instagram user @lisaleslie wrote, Bye Sally’s!”

While Instagram user @ruthie_daughter added, Can’t stand @sallybeauty they don’t have s**t in their stores for us 🙄”

Instagram user @indeskribeabull added, They need to face more than backlash. I’m about to call Maxine Shaw, attorney-at-law.”

While Instagram user @ovotrina wrote, y’all second time playing with us in black history month.”

Instagram user @ravenchantal remarked, Sally beauty gives me like radio shack vibes. I just feel like it should be extinct by now.”

Some users even shared criticism of the woman.

Instagram user @miikpeel wrote, Why would she try to straighten undetangled, unstretched hair?? 😭”

While Instagram user @t.tesfaye added, Y’all mad at them but not mad at her for getting up there performing like a damn clown . Girl that hair is fried , dried and laid to the mf side bye .”

Instagram user @parchpouch added,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sizzling like a fajita took me out. I’m sorry I’m not even mad at Sally’s I’m mad at her cuz why sis why!”

While Instagram user @lansa.jpg wrote, Yeah mad at sally but y’all should be mad at the influencer. Sally prolly really think that’s how black people do hair, but as a black women, the influencer, should’ve did a better job. 2024 hold the right people accountable”

The Brand Has Yet To Respond To The Backlash

Sally Beauty has yet to issue a public statement responding to the recent backlash. However, that isn’t stopping the brand from receiving continued backlash under their most recent post on Instagram.  Ironically, the post highlights multiple Black beauty founders.

Instagram user @inimitablevibe wrote.

“Nah. We need a STATEMENT. AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT AS WELL AS A workshop training for all employees because clearly you all don’t have a DEI dept.”

While Instagram user @laurenashley__________ added.

“Never supporting Sally beauty another day, very disappointed”

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