Sanai Graden: Alonzo Douglas-Hebron Goes Ghost

In March, ‘TSR Investigates’ explored the story of Washington D.C. student Sanai Graden. Footage of Graden went viral in January after she went above and beyond to assist an unhoused man named Alonzo Douglas-Hebron.

In the months that followed, Graden raised over $400,000 via GoFundMe for Douglas-Hebron. However, by March, reports and footage surfaced alleging Douglas-Hebron had a violent past. Graden soon found herself embroiled in a legal battle with GoFundMe, and she was unable to cash out her funds.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is following up with the student, who says the man she raised the money for has disappeared.

Sanai Graden Details What’s Been Going On With Alonzo Douglas-Hebron

While speaking with Carter, Graden explained that she was compelled to “go the extra mile” for the unhoused man because he “touched” her heart. In January, she purchased him a stay at a hotel, food, paid for his cancer medication, and even bought him a phone.

However, she says, her well-intention efforts have now encountered conflict. According to Carter, Grace has begun having an “increasingly difficult” time reaching Douglas-Hebron.

“It went from, ‘Oh, I broke my phone,’ to, ‘Oh, my phone is in the washer,’” Graden told Carter. “So every time you ask him about, well, ‘Hey, what’s going on with your gift cards? What’s going on with your phone?’ It would never add up. This story would change up every time, and he didn’t think I was catching him, but I’m catching it ’cause he kept asking for a new phone…”

The Student Shares An Update On The $400,000 She Raised For The Man

Graden explained to Douglas-Hebron that she needed him to obtain an ID before she could purchase him a new phone. Additionally, the student explained that she was unable to receive the $400,000 she raised for the man because he didn’t have the identification.

In an attempt to further assist Douglas-Hebron, Graden enlisted a church that agreed to pay the fees for the man’s ID, social security card, and birth certificate. However, Douglas-Hebron never visited the church to initiate the process.

According to Carter, weeks passed, and Graden eventually visited Douglas-Hebron at his hotel. The student was later informed that another person was staying with the man.

Eventually, Douglas-Hebron ordered the staff to refuse Graden’s visits.

Scroll above to watch Graden share her astonishment and speak about Douglas-Hebron seemingly being MIA. Additionally, Graden shares an update on the $400,000 GoFundMe campaign and how she plans to move forward.

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