Saucy Santana Speaks On JT Relationship After Viral Exchange

Saucy Santana has shared an update on his and JT‘s relationship after they recently exchanged heated words online.

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Here’s What Saucy Santana Shared About Him & JT

On Monday, April 8, Santana took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to retweet a video. The clip was initially shared by Santana on December 6, 2022, and showed Santana rapping to a song in the club. Additionally, Zelle Swag is spotted standing nearby.

As the clip plays, JT is seen standing in front of Santana. Ultimately, the pair share a long hug.

In the caption of his repost, Santana shed light on where his friendship with JT stands.

The ‘Walk’ rapper explained that he and JT “talked” things out and are “moving forward.”

How the story ENDS! We talked! Moving forward!” he wrote.

Here’s How Things Popped Off Between The Rappers

As The Shade Room previously reported, things popped out between JT, Santana, and Yung Miami on Monday, April 8. At the time, a Twitter user shared words for Yung Miami on X, and Santana jumped in, telling them to stay in their lane.

From there, the user went on to allege Santana’s checks from his music career were “slowing down” and accused the rapper of not defending Miami against previous allegations.

Santana explained that a TV show would set the record straight. At that point, JT jumped in, explaining that she should not be included in the show and that Santana had given himself a “position of power.”

In response, Santana shared his confusion.

“Sheesh. I thought he was talking about Puff & those allegations. Just like the rest of the world. WTf are YOU talking about?!” he asked.

From there, things popped off between JT and Yung Miami after Miami accused her City Girl groupmate of “sneak dissing” her “for weeks.”

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At the time, Santana accused the City Girl rapper of frequently unfollowing and blocking him on social media. The rapper then asked JT to address her issues “head on w/ any & everybody” and stop “taking it out” on him.

From there, Santana explained that he consistently supports JT while alleging he only receives “shade” from her.

Ultimately, Santana expressed his desire for a phone call with the City Girl rapper, subsequently leading them to reconcile.

Yung Miami Also Shared Where Her Relationship Stands With JT

As The Shade Room previously reported, Yung Miami’s back and forth with JT also came to a resolution on Monday, April 8. Yung Miami and her City Girl group mate also appeared to talk things out over the phone.

Scroll below to see the pair’s final exchange and Miami’s confirmation that all is well.

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