Scrappy & Erica Dixon Go On A Dinner & Spa Date (Video)

Rapper Scrappy and Erica Dixon are continuing to fuel speculation that they’ve rekindled their relationship. As The Shade Room reported, the pair sparked speculation after being spotted together in November.

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More Details On Scrappy & Erica Dixon’s Dinner & Spa Date

On Wednesday, December 27, Dixon took to her Instagram Story to share a few video clips. The first showed her entering The Spa at the Chateau Elan, a luxury resort in Braselton, Georgia.

The following clip showed two wine glasses set on a dinner table. The next clip gave fans a brief look at the resort restaurant’s menu before the camera panned up for viewers to see that Dixon was seated across from Scrappy.

Later that day, Dixon appeared to take to Instagram Live. In footage captured by Instagram user @livebitez, she joked that she “found Scrappy” before referring to Momma Dee, the rapper’s mother.

“Y’all always ask me, ‘Where he at?’ I found him,” Dixon told viewers. “I just want to let y’all know I found Scrappy. There he go — we ain’t gon’ talk about what Momma Dee approved. That’s a whole ‘nother story. Y’all be quiet. Momma Dee approved.”

As the clip continued, Scrappy began to reflect on his relationship with Dixon before referring to her as his “dog.”

“That’s the only way we can reconnect — you had to be my dog. But this my first dog,” Scrappy told viewers, referring to Dixon.

Check out the clips of their outing below.

To note, Scrappy also took to his official Instagram account to share footage from his and Dixon’s spa visit.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the pair’s outing. Many continued to speculate that the pair have spun the block.

Instagram user @queenbee_2_mo_and_gi wrote.

“This Spin Da Block season is doin some nasssssty work🤣🤣🤣”

While Instagram user @itsrachelsimone added.

“Ashanti & Nelly started this☠️”

Others shared their support for Scrappy and Erica’s relationship.

Instagram user @kaleenaraquel1920 wrote.

“Seems like she had a child with her best friend, and they are back on good terms. I think this is nice, And I’m sure their daughter would like to have this instead of them fighting.”

While Instagram user @riiahlovee added.

“Plot Twist::: MAYBE THEY ACTUALLY FREAKING FRIENDS!! IJS Why They Have To Be Together Together Just To Do Stuff Together? They Cool Together When They Not Beefing. They Was Like Bestfriends As Well As Lovers. They Have History That Go Back Further Than Damn Near Everyone. Let Them Grown Folks Live 🤷‍♀️”

Instagram user @19diamonds referred to Scrappy’s ex-wife, Bambi.

“I think they really just cool with each other. And couldn’t vibe when he was married because of Bambi and her beef.”

While Instagram user @bigdtheweatherman added.

“Maybe doing what co-parents do….getting along and being amicable. Or maybe they are giving it another shot…either way, they’re living their lives and minding their business.”

Instagram user @authentically_mad3 remarked.

“I love me some E and scrap. If things wasn’t meant they wouldn’t be. Sometimes you have to separate for a long while to come back for the better. A person can love you but not know how to love you. Then there’s also times where you reap what you sow. All in all true love always finds its way back around when it’s meant. Seems like to me scrap trying way harder than Erica this go round.”

Some users appeared to share a different perspective.

Instagram user @imitationbyjerell referred to Scrappy’s treatment of Dixon on various seasons of the reality show ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.’

“He played you season after season, tried to get your kids taken away from you, and now y’all hot tub besties? Lawd…😔”

While Instagram user @ottinece added.

“It’s starting to seem a little ‘pick me’ ish at this point.”

The Pair Sparked Rumors Of Their Rekindled Romance In November

As The Shade Room previously reported, Scrappy and Dixon sparked speculation that they rekindled their romance in November. At the time, the pair took to social media to show fans they were cozying up at a nightclub.

Additionally, the pair shared a video of their outing at Usher’s residency concert in Vegas. At the time, rumors also erupted, alleging the pair had eloped. However, Scrappy quickly denied the allegation.

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