Sexyy Red Shares How She Kept Her Pregnancy Hidden On Tour

Sexyy Red gagged fans in October when she announced her pregnancy. At the time, sis made it clear she was “tired of fakin.” Now, it turns out she wasn’t just keeping fans out of her womb business but tour production and her staff too!

In a sit-down with Billboard, Sexyy Red opened up about hiding her pregnancy and the literal pain it caused her!

Sexyy explained that when “no one knew” she was baby bumpin’, she’d be hiding from staff trying to “suck [her] stomach in.” She confirmed that she was pregnant while touring with Drake and also Moneybagg Yo.

To keep the bump hidden, she intentionally wore clothes that didn’t frame the bump and practiced hiding it on stage.

“And I’d have to practice my breathing, like before I go on stage” Sexyy Red shared. “I’d have to hold my stomach in and look at myself and be like, ‘Can they tell.’ And then, once, I just like ‘Okay, I can’t keep hiding it’ cause it hurt to just be on stage on all day holding that stomach in.”

That pain led her to just “forget about it” and let everyone in on the news. The “only reason” she hid the pregnancy was to have that private experience with her close family and friends.

See her comments below, starting at the 2:33 mark.

Sexyy Red Is Baby Bumpin’ Her Way Through The Money

As mentioned, Sexyy Red confirmed she was pregnant with her second child in October. The 25-year-old reportedly dropped the bombshell surprise after performing Drake’s ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ with SZA in St. Louis.

She shared a photo cradling her stomach on Instagram, captioning it, “Team boy or team girl.” 

By that time, though, fans had already peeped and circulated minor talks of a baby on board. Still, as the rapper described, she went above and beyond to keep her business hers for a hot minute.

Following the announcement, Sexyy continued to have live performances throughout the last leg of 2023.

Swipe below to peep.

Her growing baby bump also hasn’t stopped her from releasing new music or getting to that marketing bag! From releasing her ‘Hood Hottest Princess’ deluxe album to viral ads with Kaleidoscope Hair, Sexyy Red is keeping her fans entertained and stacks, stacked!

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