Shonda Rhimes Celebrates ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 20th Season (Video)

Shonda Rhimes is recalling her rise to success as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ gears up to celebrate its 20th season.

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Shonda Rhimes Remembers The Early Stages Of Her Career

Shonda Rhimes appeared on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ on Thursday (May 23). The Emmy-nominated screenwriter sat down with Hudson to chat about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ success. Rhimes revealed that she never thought the show would become the longest-running primetime medical drama.

“No, I never thought that Grey’s Anatomy. I was like, ‘We’ll make seven episodes. I’ll be really excited, then I’ll sell them out of the back of my car because no one will see.’ I really thought it was going to be that. It’s amazing to me that audiences and the fans have been there for that many years, for that long, like on the ride, it’s crazy, Rhimes explained.



Previously, Rhimes opened up about the moment she realized that the series had become a success while speaking with PEOPLE.

“I remember actors arriving at work shaken because they’d been chased by paparazzi, which felt really weird for a TV show that wasn’t ‘Friends.’ I always say that if you watched Grey’s every Thursday night, you spent more with Meredith and Cristina as your friends than you did with anybody else in your life,” Rhimes said.

Shonda Rhimes Takes Over Television

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is just one of the many shows Rhimes is responsible for. In fact, she’s the mastermind behind several series including, ‘Scandal,’ ‘Inventing Anna,’ and ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’ Each show features a strong female lead.

While appearing on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show,’ Rhimes explained that she was very strategic about the characters she depicts because each one is like a woman she knows.

“I don’t know any quiet, meek, weak women. I know strong, powerful women, and I want to watch that, and I want to see that on TV. “

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