Shyne Reponds To Interviewer Asking If Diddy Taints His Image

Former Bad Boy artist Shyne was recently asked if his association with Diddy tainted his image.

7 News Belize reports the politician was asked about a scholarship he created that bears the mogul’s name and if they still had a relationship.

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Shyne, who now goes by the name Moses Michael Levi Barrow, is the Leader of the Opposition in the Belize House of Representatives.

During a recent interview, he was asked if he felt his connection to Diddy — born Sean Combs — and the “cloud of suspicion for nefarious and dubious activity” that surrounds him would affect his image in government.

“I don’t see how, again, I…” he said before he was cut off by the interviewer, Jules Vasquez.

“You offer a scholarship in his name,” Vasquez stated.

Shyne said, “I’ll leave it up to you, sir. A scholarship to educate people has nothing to do…Sir, sir, sir…”

After the Belizean leader quieted the man, he referenced Prime Minister Andre Perez, who had severe accusations made against him by a woman named Wendy Auxillou. Additionally, he stated the woman allegedly fled to the United States for her safety. Barrow claimed the Belizian media swept it under the rug.

“That is what we need to focus on, what an entertainer who has nothing to do with politics, and he’s facing accusations, he has not been convicted of anything…” Shyne stated.

When asked if he still had contact with the Diddler, Barrow said, “I’ve been in touch.”

While speaking, Shyne also commented on the 1999 club shooting, which led to him serving prison time.

Roomies React To Shyne’s Interview

One commenter under The Shade Room’s Instagram report stated the former artist didn’t deserve to be dragged into the Diddy debacle.

@litpapi163 stated, “Shyne not only served his time but he maintained his innocence without snitching. He changed his life around and is comfortable with where he is in life. He needs to be left out of this mess.”

@jeankitnege agreed adding, “Leave this man alone. He’s at peace back in his country.”

Another Roomie felt the politico was taken advantage of by Combs.

_angelface26 stated, “Shyne a victim of Diddy too, he just don’t realize it.”

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