Sidney Hicks & Mo’Nique React To Her Son Shalon (Watch)

Whew! Call Judge Mathis again y’all. It looks like Mo’Nique is moving from going viral over her callouts of comedians and entertainers to going viral over her relationship with her son Shalon.

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Soon after Shalon accused her of spreading a “false narrative” of their relationship, Mo’Nique and husband Sidney Hicks addressed him. Like Shalon, they took to social media to send their message. Mo started by addressing how she plans to deal with her son’s public claims.

“There are some people that are saying ‘Oh you should be ashamed of your mothering skills, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is what I say, ‘Let’s let it play out.’ Because the same ones that were saying oh I was crazy, I was deranged, we watched it play out. So just like with my son, we’re going to watch this play out,” Mo’Nique said.

She also addressed how Shalon called Sidney her “daddy” and highlighted his half-siblings as “his kids” in his video. Mo’Nique said that her husband has always been “Uncle Sid” to him and that he does, biologically, have three sons. So while Shalon might’ve meant that as a sly, per Mo, it’s just facts in their eyes.

Sidney then weighed in, clocking how they’ve allegedly shown up for Shalon in the past.

“The irony of all this is not what is said but what’s left off. See you’re leaving off the fact that the last time we laid eyes on you, your mother got you everything you needed for the newborn baby about three years. You’re forgetting how I, from Georgia, was talking you through getting your car after we gave you the half-payment for it and you were 31, 32 years old at that point.” 

As previously reported, this week, Shalon claimed his mother was spreading a false narrative about their relationship and said neither of them had any intention to repair it.

Sidney Hicks Explains Why They’re Discussing Private Matters In Public

Sidney also alleged that Shalon is leaving out his relationship update on his father, whom Mo and Hicks are apparently tight with. Hicks said there was an instance where Mo’s son spoke “ill” to both his parents.

“…But somehow your mother and father and I all have a loving relationship and communicate back and forth because of the love we have for you,” Hicks added. 

Hicks said that parents who have raised their kids into adulthood “know that there comes a time and a place in which that they determine their own decision, their own path.” 

And why expose all this in public? Sidney says they’re responding because, in the Black community, we need to stop being “embarrassed” about these conversations.

“We need to stop being embarrassed about being human beings and about being Black human beings. You will oftentimes hear ‘You are embarrassing yourself in front of them.’ Who is them? Because when you hear someone articulate these things that is the slave mentality…You should conduct yourself with disgnity because the spirit of you is watching. But we need to have these conversations out loud, that’s taboo because we have limited time here together.”

See the full video below.

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