Sierra Gates Shows Process Of Russian Lip Filler (WATCH)

Sierra Gates is prompting social media reactions after showing the process of injecting Russian lip fillers.

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Sierra Gates Shows Off The Lip Filler Process

On Monday, April 29, Instagram user @livebitez posted footage from Gates’ recent Instagram Live. In the clip, Gates explained to her injector that she doesn’t want her lips to “look big.”

As the clip continued, the reality star showed viewers as her top lip was injected.

Afterward, the 34-year-old showed the final results while sharing her excitement.

“Oh, that looks so cute,” she said.

As the clip continued, Gates spoke about the process of getting lip filler.

“For those who get their lips done, they know that lips hurt,” she explained.

Ultimately, Gates ended up calling out the “negative energy” from viewers on her livestream, and then she shared final words about her results.

Check out the clip below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to Gates showing her lip filler process in @livebitez’s comment section. Additionally, many appeared to show concern, mentioning the reality star’s recent hospitalization.

Instagram user @mrsgohard1 wrote, “…ma’am give it rest for a little time”

While Instagram user @pretty_pretty_lynn added, “This Is Seriously Sad… At this point why In the World If You Had To learn to walk Just got out the Hospital 🙏🏾💯From Doing too Much Would the First thing You Do Is This 🙏🏾💯Honestly Sad 😞🙏🏾”

Instagram user @thedonovers wrote, First it was the whole legs tatted now it’s her lips…”

While Instagram user @thecaramelmarthastewart_ added, “My Gosh She Wasn’t Just In Pain From Those Tattoos Let Your Body Rest A Second 😩🤦🏾‍♀️‼️💯”

Instagram user @bawsethinking wrote, “SAD!!!… just got out the Hospital and ain’t giving her body no type of break”

More Details Regarding The ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star’s Recent Hospitalization

As The Shade Room previously reported, Gates revealed that she was in the hospital on April 15. At the time, she explained that she got a “crazy big” leg tattoo and was in extreme pain after her numbing cream wore off.

Additionally, the reality star shared that she was going to be hospitalized for five to seven days.

Furthermore, Gates even told fans that she had to learn how to walk again amid her hospitalization.

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