Six-Month-Old Child’s Remains Vanish (Video)

Fatima Nettles and Kamaron Hickman buried their six-month-old daughter, Jada Hickman, in 2001. In September 2023, the pair decided to exhume their daughter’s body from a Georgia cemetery. Nettles and Hickman hoped to have her remains cremated.

However, according to the Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Jada Hickman’s remains have vanished.

The Georgia Secretary of State has now launched a probe into the matter, along with The Shade Room’s Justin Carter, who is striving to unravel the mysterious circumstances for ‘TSR Investigates.’

More Details Regarding The Georgia Family & Death Of Their Infant Daughter

According to Carter, Fatima Nettles, and Kamaron Hickman are former military officials who served overseas in the early 2000s. At the time, the pair received devastating news from a caretaker for their infant daughter.

The child passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. According to Boston Children’s Hospital, SIDS is the “sudden death of an infant under one year of age.” Additionally, the death cannot be explained” through “autopsy, a death scene investigation, and a review of the clinical history.”

The hospital notes that SIDS can also be referred to as “crib death.” This is because infants affected often pass away in their sleep. Additionally, the syndrome most often occurs when a baby is asleep in their crib.

Nettles and Hickman ultimately decided to bury their daughter at Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery in Augusta.

Here’s Why The Family & Georgia Cemetery Are Making Headlines

On September 21, 2023, the cemetery informed the parents they were unable to locate their daughter’s casket within her burial plot. Furthermore, one cemetery employee allegedly told the parents that their daughter “returned to the earth.”

Nettles and Hickman, however, are demanding answers.

“The cemetery would have us believe that because it’s been twenty years… everything that was buried in that casket has returned to the earth,” Hickman explained in a Facebook video shared on January 3. “That doesn’t make sense to me.”

Hickman told Carter that over his various visits to Jada’s gravesite, he always “felt something was off.”

“Like one time I remember going out there over the years, and there was so much grass that I couldn’t find the headstone at all,” he explained.

Now, the Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery is apparently shifting responsibility to Williams Funeral Home. The home is where Jada’s body was allegedly prepared for burial.

Scroll above to watch as Justin Carter gets to digging through property records to find out who owned the cemetery at the time of Jada’s alleged burial. Carter even speaks with an expert to determine how families can best protect their loved ones after their passing.

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