Slim Thug Apologizes To Cassie After Diddy Abuse Video Surfaces

Slim Thug issued a public apology to Cassie Ventura after previously questioning the validity of her abuse claims against Diddy.

The rapper took to Instagram after a video of Diddy abusing Cassie in the hallway of a hotel surfaced.

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Slim Thug’s Apology

As previously reported by The Shade Room, footage showed Ventura waiting at an elevator when Diddy appears and assaults her.

Slim Thug posted screenshots from a New York Post report, stating, “Damn Diddy, I tried to ride with the Blk man who had no charges yet, but I can’t stand behind this. I will take this L.”

Slim added, “But I will still ride with my ppl until I see some sort of proof. I don’t believe in blogs or civil suits” He ended the caption, “Apologies to Cassie and anyone else who was on the right side this time.” 

Swipe below to see everything he said. 

Thug Previously Questioned Cassie’s Claims

VIBE reports the Houston artist expressed that he was unsure if Cassie’s claims were factual on Nov. 18, 2023. He stated the singer was looking to line her pockets.

“They’re coming back and getting Bill Cosby and coming back and get Puff, I don’t believe that,” he said in the throwback social media video. He added, “When shit go down you speak on it right there. It should be null and void. Let the people know immediately.”

The following day (Nov. 19), Thug doubled down and stated that it was his “personal opinion.”

Social Media Reacts To Slim’s Apology

Under the Shade Room’s report, Roommates shared their thoughts on Thug’s apology.

@k.vmbrly stated, “Some men always choose to not believe a woman first. And typically you don’t until a woman is DEAD.”

“This is why you should’ve sat there, ate your food, and minded your business,” @lifewithdevante stated.

@diijaithesinger wrote, “The rest of y’all, especially y’all who claimed she was ‘tryna bring a Black man down’ need to follow through with some louder apologies than accusations.”

“That’s why you gotta be silent and stop blindly supporting someone because of their gender & color,” @ivyleaguestyles said.

@poundcakee_ added, “So sad they don’t believe women, they gotta actually see you get drug down the hall, slammed, stomped & objects thrown at you to believe it!”

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