Snoop Dogg Recalls Smoking Weed Around Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson wasn’t thrilled when Snoop Dogg once blew weed smoke in his dressing room, the rapper has recalled.

In a recent interview on SiriusXM’s ‘Andy Cohen Live,’ Snoop opened up about his encounter with the King of Pop back in 2008.

Snoop Dogg Recalls Blowing Smoke In MJ’s Dressing Room

Christian Audigier had booked the pair to perform at his extravagant birthday party in Las Vegas.

The French designer, who passed away in 2015, was well known for his contributions to Ed Hardy and Von Dutch.

And while the incident happened 16 years ago, Snoop managed to recall the story with very vivid details.

According to the Long Beach native, the event planners had made a slight oversight by placing his dressing room next to Jackson’s. The innocent mistake would turn into an awkward confrontation when Snoop, known for his love of weed, began smoking it up in preparation for his performance.

As the smoke wafted through the air, he was informed that the King of Pop’s dressing room was right next door.

They like, ‘You know Michael Jackson dressing room next door.’ Like, ‘No it ain’t.’ They like, ‘Yeah it is.’ I’m like, ‘Hold on,’” he recalled.

Snoop, who was in disbelief about Jackson being in the dressing room next door, decided to verify the information himself. That’s when he opened Jackson’s door and boldly continued to smoke his weed before seeing MJ standing just a few feet away from him.

[Michael was] right there looking at me. He said, ‘Snoop, don’t do that.‘”

Snoop’s Unreleased Song With Michael

In another part of his conversation with Cohen, Snoop also brought up an interesting piece of trivia about an unreleased collaboration with Jackson. Cohen quizzed the ‘Sensual Seduction’ artist about the whereabouts of the recording and whether fans were ever going to hear it. But Snoop clarified that the song was actually a charity project, intended as a global peace anthem that featured a bunch of other musicians.

It was Jackson who had reportedly reached out to Snoop, requesting him to do his big one on the track.

“He called me one night, and it was crazy because the way his voice came through the phone,” he shared. He was like, ‘Snoop, it’s Mike. I have this song I want you to get on.’ I’m like, ‘Man, anything you want, Mike. It ain’t no problem. Talk to me.’”

Snoop indicated that he wasn’t exactly sure what happened to the song, let alone whether he still had it. But he was sure to “find out.” During the phone call, their exchange became even more intriguing to the Dogg Father when Jackson made an unexpected comment.

Then, after we got past the song, he was like, ‘My mom always said that you look like someone in my family. I think we’re related.‘”

Despite the dressing room incident, Snoop made sure to note that he and Michael remained friends.

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