Social Media Is HOT Over What Cam’ron Said In CNN Interview

Whew! Early Tuesday (May 21), folks on social media are still chatting about the comments Cam’ron made on Monday night. The rapper secured a live guest interview on CNN with anchor Abby Phillip. But “unprepared” isn’t even the word to describe how wild the primetime spot got!

Hours after the live interview, Cam’ron clarified why he showed out the way he did!

What Cam’ron Said In His CNN Interview

For context, Cam’ron appeared on CNN for a virtual interview wearing a black T-shirt, bucket hat, and dark sunglasses. He had called in from Las Vegas.

While Abby Phillip asked him to speak on Diddy’s abuse allegations, the rapper drank a shot of pink liquid before answering.

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When he finally replied, his first comment was beyond unexpected! He implied that the liquid was allegedly some kind of sex enhancement. Additionally, he clarified that his “brother” Mase is better suited to speak on Diddy’s past behaviors.

“Sorry, I’m going to go get some cheeks after this, this horsepower joint. Um, I’m just going off what Mase said. I don’t really know Puff like Mase knows Puff, so I appreciate what Mase said and of course, that’s my brother, so if he felt that way, he felt that way. I can’t really tell you how Puff moves, anything like that. Mase would know better than me because he was signed to Puff.”

The anchor pressed on, asking about knowledge of Diddy’s behavior “industry-wide.” Again, Cam’ron refused to offer a comment. Instead, he questioned who secured him the appearance.

“Who the talent agent for this joint? You think I be sitting around, watching what Diddy do? I didn’t know this was a thing,” Mase said before repeating the question to someone off-camera.

Meanwhile, Phillip kept her composure and thanked the rapper for his time.

See Cam’ron’s CNN interview below. 

Social Media Reacts & Cam’Ron Explains His Reaction

Abby Phillip hasn’t addressed the awkward interaction on her public platforms. However, internet users haven’t been holding back their thoughts on how Cam’ron carried himself. The reactions are all over the place, especially in The Shade Room’s Instagram comment section (seen above).

@falamee_fitness wrote, “She said everything she wanted to say with her eyes.” 

@lexitelevision added, “I’m probably by myself when I say that There’s not one thing funny about this. Nothing funny at all. This is insensitive, tone-deaf, immature, and beyond reprehensible, and most assuredly not funny. He obviously wanted to go viral for all the wrong reasons, and he accomplished that goal. I said what I said, and before I take it back, I’ll add more to it.” 

@djspinderella wrote, “After he said ‘cheeks,’ I knew it was gonna be all downhill.” 

@mrcommunitynyc said there was shared blame for the interview’s outcome. He wrote, “I blame CNN’s booking for him on but nonetheless, Cam’ron shouldn’t have disrespected Abby like that.” 

@top5lifestyletv wrote, “They tried to use him to get information, he took the publicity and marketed what he had going on. Checkmate.” This user’s assertion was right because it closely mirrored what Cam’ron himself said about the interview.

The artist offered additional comments on the viral CNN interview hours after it happened. Speaking on his and Mase’s ‘It Is What It Is’ show, the rapper said he was called on the platform “for the bullsh*t” and not his positive impact.

“My thing about it is that… they didn’t invite on there or speak on how successful our show is or all the positive stuff we do in the community,” he said, which includes a mentoring program Mase is allegedly running.

He added, “You call me on CNN for the bulls**t, imma give you the bulls**t. That’s just what’s gon happen. So, we got some free promo, I teased the fake horsepower.” 

Cam’ron added that he felt like he was being used to speak on Diddy. However, he also clarified that he does not stand with domestic violence.

See his response to the trending interview below. 

Meanwhile, one celebrity who was formerly close to Diddy has publicly picked a side in the allegations. Former Bad Boy Records rapper Shyne didn’t hold back as he slammed Diddy’s recorded 2016 abuse of Cassie in a hotel hallway. He clarified that he does not support anyone who engages in domestic violence and sent the singer prayers.

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