Social Media Reacts To LeBron James’ Hair Brush Working OT

LeBron James is trending after a video of him putting his hair brush to work went viral!

James spoke to reporters from inside a locker room. Though the Los Angeles Lakers had a game on Wednesday (Jan. 3), it’s unclear if the circulating clip was filmed following that 110-96 loss to the Miami Heat.

But as the reporters asked questions and LeBron answered, the shirtless pro athlete repeatedly brushed his hair. He moved the brush along the top and sides of his head, finishing by swiping his head over the brushed hair. The camera angle shows what looks like small patches of hair loss, particularly at the top and back of Bron’s head.

For context, LeBron typically rocks a low haircut. However, over the years, his apparent hair loss has received attention from NBA fans and the media. In 2019, NBC Sports reported on James’ fresh hairline pushing back — fueling speculation that the small forward player has received hair transplants in the past.

Watch the trending clip below.

Social Media Reacts To LeBron Brushing His Hair

Over on X, @talktometay shared the clip. In less than one day, the video racked up over 21 million views and nearly 1,000 comments. Additionally, the post got 149,000 likes and 11,000 reshares.

In his caption, @talktometay wrote, “N***a not brushing sh*t but skin man.” 

In a reply to his initial post, @talktometay recalled Dwyane Wade’s past commentary about LeBron’s hair.

Other X users started cutting up (and defending Bron) in the post’s replies.

@TheIslandBoy110 wrote, “I know his head burning.” 

@ChrisSterling09 added, “Bro a billionaire and won’t book a flight to Turkey.” 

@Sasuekesleft_eye said, “He getting the blood to flow to his scalp.”

@PatrickLac007 wrote, “That’s a billionaire brush don’t be insulting.” 

Meanwhile, over on The Shade Room’s Instagram feed, the roommates also had a kii with the hair video. As of Friday, the clip has nearly 19,000 comments and more than 109,000 likes!

@thatboyfunny wrote, “He brushing TF out his thoughts.” 

@rappingchef added, “Car ain’t got no roof.”

@iya_ayaba3 said, “I love LeBron, but what is he brushing cause ain’t nothing up there.” 

@nailchapo973 wrote, “He gon brush the rest of his hair off.” 

@iamdonjuan said, “He got a million for every strain of hair missing plus a wife who still has morals.. he don’t care bout no jokes.” 

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