Speaks Out After Viral Attack On Man (Video)

Stunna Girl is speaking out after footage went viral of an altercation that was sparked by a man touching her inappropriately.

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Here’s What Stunna Girl Said

On Monday, April 29, Instagram user @livebitez shared footage from what appeared to be a recent Instagram Live of the rapper’s. In the clip, Stunna Girl told fans that she isn’t a “snitch.”

From there, she explained that on the contrary, the man who assaulted her had taken to social media to speak about the altercation.

“So in reality, I really could have him in jail right now for sexual assault. But I ain’t even put bruh in jail,” she explained. “And, um, not only that [but] he went on the internet, he DMed me like 50 times, popping it. Like, ‘Yeah b***h, I did this, I did that.’ He posted it. He posted captions, acting hard, saying what he did… Like, you can’t be a gangster, pervert, rat. Like, you gotta pick one.”

The rapper explained that she has the “upper hand in everything.” Additionally, Stunna Girl seemed to imply that she isn’t worried about her and her crew facing legal consequences for the altercation.

“You touched me, it’s on video, you admitted it…” she continued. “You don’t got a case buddy. You just got your a** beat pretty much and you know, luckily… you know, I got principles, I’m from the hood [and] I stick by the code.”

As the clip continued, the rapper explained why she laughed after the man touched her backside. She explained that she “knew it was gonna do down.”

Furthermore, the rapper defended how her husband went about allegedly putting his hands on the man.

Watch the full clip below.

Social Media Continues Weighing In

Social media users reacted to Stunna Girl’s comments on the viral incident in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @kai_uhh wrote, Nothing to address, he shouldn’t have touched her.”

While Instagram user @s.nashay added,He was dead wrong for grabbing her like that. that is not a strip club 😭”

Instagram user @dj_phantom1074 wrote, Your husband is your legal first line of defense as a married female. He’s not in the wrong because he used non lethal force to remove him from the vicinity…. However, with dude going online & bragging about it, That’s Sexual Assault with Malicious Intent, premeditatedly, on the grounds that he put his whole hand forcibly on your bare behind, while having to bypass the obstacle of the stage to do so, while video taping his assault on you.”

While Instagram user @unorthodox_empress added, STOP FEELING ENTITLED TO WOMENS BODY. He got what he deserved.”

Instagram user @rhyantru wrote, my man would have done the same thing 🤸🏾‍♀️”

While Instagram user @virqodolly added, I’m confused what she clearing up ? He need to keep his hands to himself.”

Instagram user @itsbigyellow_ wrote,No need to explain boo because ur man did nothing .. carry on everyone 💋”

While Instagram user @pushfollow added, Her HUSBAND responded as he should’ve. Dude’s lucky he didn’t break his f’n neck.”

More Details Regarding The Initial Altercation

As The Shade Room previously reported, footage of the viral altercation surfaced over the weekend. In the video, Stunna Girl was reportedly seen performing her song, ‘Stand Up.’

Amid her performance, a man reached for and smacked her rear area.

In the video, Stunna Girl is then seen turning around and smirking at the man. She then whispers to a man who is wearing all black, seemingly about what just occurred.

The man then jumps down from the stage and the viral incident ensues.

Stunna Girl’s husband reportedly shared his reaction after the viral incident.

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