Stevie J Shares Video Of “What A Real Diddy Party Looks Like”

Stevie J. is droppin’ receipts and sharing viral video of “what a real Diddy party looks like.”

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Here’s What Stevie J. Shared

On Wednesday, April 3, Stevie J. took to Instagram to share a video with fans. Additionally, the 52-year-old shared a brief caption along with his post.

“This is what a real Diddy Party looks like,” he wrote.

His post featured a black-and-white clip that seemingly showed Diddy’s residence in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, celebrities such as Dr. Dre, the late Kobe Bryant, Khloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner were seen arriving at the music mogul’s home.

As the camera ventured inside the residence, other celebs such as Jay-Z, Naomi Campbell, and Kim Kardashian were also shown. The celebrities appeared to be there celebrating Diddy’s 50th birthday. To note, Diddy is 54 years old so the celebration likely took place in 2020.

Check out the footage of the star-studded event below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Stevie’s viral video.

Instagram user @talkintia wrote,Did he just dry snitch on all those celebrities?”

While Instagram user @jcockerhamofficial added, He said if I’m going down we all going down here’s the guest list your honor 😂”

Instagram user @lavette_214 wrote, Stevie said that’s my man and I’m going to stick beside him!!😂”

While Instagram user @jazzydarnell added,I feel like Stevie is doing wayyyyy too much for Diddy… 😬 than Diddy.”

Instagram user @mentegee wrote, I know all the people in that video pissed”

While Instagram user @rashidagurl added,We want the after party footage Steebie”

Instagram user @davefortune wrote, If you not defending me like Stevie J defending Diddy I don’t want you 😂😂😂”

While Instagram user @iamprezzure added,Stevie why u ain’t spin for Josline like u doin for Diddy ..”

How Did Stevie J. Get Involved In The Legal Issues Surrounding Diddy?

As The Shade Room previously reported, Stevie J. initially became involved in the legal issues surrounding Diddy when he was named in a lawsuit filed against the music mogul by his former employee, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, in February.

In the suit, Jones accused Diddy of sexual assault and harassment. Additionally, Jones alleged Diddy forced him to watch a video of Stevie J. having sexual relations with another man.

Furthermore, Jones alleged Diddy used Stevie J. to recruit underage girls and prostitutes to attend his parties.

In response, Stevie J. denied the allegations, per The Shade Room.

“These allegations are false and my lawyer will be handling this going forward,” Stevie told TMZ.

Then, on March 25, federal agents raided Diddy’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles, per The Shade Room.

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Earlier this week, Stevie J. spoke exclusively with TMZ and alleged that he was present during the Miami raid. Additionally, Stevie alleged the agents used “excessive force” to gain entry into Diddy’s home.

The ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star even compared the raids to those used to detain drug lords El Chapo and Pablo Escobar.

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