STL Cardinals Fans Sing Along To Metro Boomin’s ‘BBL Drizzy’

Drake and Kendrick Lamar have been a lil’ quiet since the Canadian rapper seemingly bowed out of the beef earlier this month. But Metro Boomin is keeping his foot on the OVO founder’s neck. Most recently, the producer went viral after playing his ‘BBL Drizzy’ beat at a St. Louis Cardinals game.

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Metro Boomin’s ‘BBL Drizzy’ Is A Hit

As mentioned, Metro pulled up to his hometown stadium on May 20 to throw the first pitch for the Cardinals and Baltimore Orioles’ game.

It appears he was also booked to play a set at the sports event. Video later surfaced of him allegedly extending his set to play ‘BBL Drizzy.’ Spoiler alert: The stadium crowd was rocking and singing along with what some have called the first-ever diss-trumental.

Watch the crowd go wild for the track below. 

More Details On The Diss Track

‘BBL Drizzy’ is one of two diss songs against Drake that’s having a moment right now! The second is K Dot’s ‘Not Like Us,’ which earned the number one slot on the Hot 100 chart on May 18, per Billboard.

In late April and early May, Kenny and Drizzy fired shots from the booth about each other’s careers, personal lives, and identities. Each artist dropped song after song within days and even hours, increasing the disrespect each time.

As for Metro, he has been credited for being an instigator in the beef, given that the first musical shot Kenny took was on Metro and Future’s ‘Like That’ track.

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Still, ‘Not Like Us’ has been a stand-out, inspiring hundreds of ‘crip-walking’ and West Coast pride videos on social media. Even President Joe Biden’s campaign used the track to write their own lil’ diss for former president Donald Trump. LeBron James also turned heads when a video showed him vibing to the song that’s teasing his public bestie.

In his last release, ‘The Heart Part 6,’ Drake claimed he’d also be a fan of the record if K Dot wasn’t allegedly lying about him on it.

“You definitely got this sh*t burnt TF out tho. You got 10 more records to drop, the one before the last one we finessed you into telling a story that doesn’t even exist and then you go an drop the West Coast one to try and cover that up. I would like that one. That would be some sh*t I could dance to if you wasn’t tripling down on some bullsh*t.”

As for Metro Boomin’ ‘BBL Drizzy,’ Drake also already gave his take on the diss-trumental via a social media response.

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