Stunna Girl Shares Words For Ciara Over ‘Goodies’ Sampling Issue

Stunna Girl is going off on Ciara and her fans over what appears to be a music sampling issue.

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Here’s What Prompted The Rapper’s Comments

On October 23, 2023, the rapper took to Instagram to tease an upcoming single titled ‘Stand Up.’ The song also featured rapper YG.

“Stunnagirl x @yg – Stand up… Y’all ready ?! .. #WestCoastshii…” the rapper wrote in the caption of her post.

Then, on January 5, Stunna Girl returned to the platform to announce the single was released. Two days later, the rapper also returned to Instagram to announce the release of a visual to accompany the song.

To watch the NSFW preview, click here.

Here’s What Stunna Girl Said

However, on Thursday, January 11, Stunna Girl took to X, formerly known as Twitter, after she apparently removed the single from streaming platforms. In a now-deleted tweet, the rapper called Ciara and her team out.

“I literally hate when producers use samples . These artists be actin like they made the beat it’s so many people that used that beat but . @ciara team writing me saying she personally contacted them about me . But anytime I done used a beat that was sampled by a white artist they didn’t give af,” she wrote.

Fans of Ciara immediately replied to the rapper’s tweet. One explained that samples need to be paid for. However, Stunna Girl explained that the sample was paid for.

Another explained that Ciara needs to “make money from her music.”

“She better go moonwalk thru some venues & leave me tf alone,” the rapper responded.

Others encouraged Stunna Girl to take accountability for the mishap. However, the rapper appeared to disagree.

Swipe below to read the tweets she shared toward Ciara and her fans.

Before hopping off the platform for the evening, Stunna Girl explained why she made the mishap public.

One fan then called her out for disrespecting Ciara.

However, the rapper didn’t appear to care.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Stunna Girl’s viral sentiments about Ciara. Many appeared to disagree with the rapper’s stance.

Music producer Rico Love wrote.

“It’s the label that contacts you for using the sample without clearance! Stop putting this on the artist. I’m sure Ciara has no clue this woman or this song exist. She just had a beautiful baby and is enjoying her own success. The label is doing their job to protect the song that they own the masters to. Respectfully”

While Instagram user @chris.period added.

“Ciara owns the masters to that song and cowrote it. How you mad at her because YOU did business wrong. Ciaras been in the game for 20 years. We won’t remember you in 20 business days…ARE YOU INSANE?!”

Instagram user @beeloki wrote.

“That’s what wrong with this generation. How you gone disrespect the artist! Talking bout ‘moonwalk’ she moonwalked and snatched that s**t back”

While Instagram user @k.rharris added.

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