Sukihana Speaks On Recent Charges & Arrest In Florida (WATCH)

Sukihana is speaking on her recent drug charges and sharing a message for those “judging” her after her arrest in Florida.

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Here’s What Sukihana Said

On Monday, April 29, Sukihana apparently took to Instagram Live with a spicy message for fans. The livestream was chronicled by The Shade Room.

“And all my motherf*****g fans, y’all [sic] [sic] too. I don’t give a f**k. Y’all ain’t ridin’ in them comments,” Sukihana said. “S**t… shoutout to my real fans — the real fans. But y’all b***h a** n****s like to take sides, ‘Oh, who she done took a charge for?’ — B***h, mind your motherf*****g business… Don’t worry about it because y’all do the same s**t as me. I ain’t no different than y’all while y’all tryna judge me.”

As the stream continued, Sukihana spoke about her recent arrest and subsequent drug charges.

“My s**t gettin’ dropped… Probable cause? The f**k is you talkin’ about? I don’t have to sell no motherf*****g pills and a b***h don’t do no e-pills, what the f**k I look like doing an e-pill?… I don’t do no motherf*****g drugs, and I don’t sell no drugs,” she continued.

Watch her full statements below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to Sukihana’s statements in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @renaet83 wrote, How you mad cause YOU got charged?”

While Instagram user @iamaangel.queenoftheearth added,I could not scream at my video camera like this and then press submit 😂😂”

Instagram user @___koca wrote, Well wtf you wanted us to do ? Bail you out ?”

While Instagram user @apizzasheebs added, Lord she yelling at us like we locked her up 😂😂😂 …”

Instagram user @moss.chris95 wrote,Baby bop relax. We not the judge or the arresting officer.”

While Instagram user @josephhamir added,She said since y’all got y’all degree and thought y’all knew everything 😂”

Instagram user @queen_kaylou wrote, Why she mad at us? I ain’t even do nothing.”

While Instagram user @concrete_rose311 added,She mad cause she got caught and yelling at us for it. Some people shouldn’t be celebrities”

More Details Regarding Sukihana’s Recent Arrest

As The Shade Room previously reported, Sukihana’s mugshot from her recent arrest in Florida surfaced online on Thursday, April 25. HipHopDX reports that the rapper was arrested that same day.

Additionally, Sukihana — whose real name is Destiny Lanette Henderson — was charged with possession with intent to sell ecstasy. Additionally, she was charged with possession with intent to sell codeine.

Furthermore, at the time, it was reported that Suki’s charges carried a total bond amount of $7.500.

Since her release from jail, Sukihana has begun selling merchandise featuring her recent mugshot. Furthermore, the rapper’s official website shows that the shot is printed on various T-shirt styles, each priced at $45.

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