Supa Cent Admits She & Rayzor Both “Caused Physical Harm”

Supa Cent is opening up about her split from her ex-fiance, Rayzor. Additionally, the entrepreneur is clarifying her previous claim that he assaulted her.

As The Shade Room previously reported, the pair got engaged in May 2022. However, Supa Cent revealed their split last month while accusing Rayzor of putting his hands on her.

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Supa Cent Opens Up About Her And Rayzor’s Relationship

On Monday, January 1, Supa Cent took to Instagram Live to interact with fans. During her sitdown, she delved into her split from Rayzor, explaining that she’s feeling “distraught.”

“I’m going through something — I’m suffering a breakup [and] not only am I suffering a breakup, my kids are suffering a breakup. So it’s not just about me. I spent almost three years with somebody,” she explained.

According to Black Enterprise, the entrepreneur is a mother to two children from a previous relationship.

As the video continued, Supa Cent explained that she still has love for Rayzor. However, she does not excuse his behavior.

“We not gon’ act like what happened between us isn’t a reason for me to pack my bags and move on,” she continued. “Until somebody really takes some type of ownership or deals with some type of consequences.”

Supa Cent explained that she and Rayzor’s relationship encountered “real issues,” admitting that they’ve been violent toward one another.

“That n***a is not going to put his hands on me without me putting my hands on him,” she said.

The Mother Of Two Details Her & Rayzor’s Violent Encounter

As the entrepreneur’s Instagram Live continued, she reflected on their most recent physical altercation.

“You did cause physical harm to me, and I caused physical harm to you,” Supa Cent continued.

She explained that they were arguing while driving somewhere in a car. During the incident, she put her sunglasses on and listened to music to keep her from further escalating their encounter. However, Rayzor allegedly attempted to grab the glasses off her face, which prompted Supa Cent to strike him.

The entrepreneur admitted that she knocked Rayzor’s veneers out of his mouth before he pulled over, attempting to restrain her.

Supa Cent explained that she got out of the vehicle, which was now on the side of an interstate highway, to separate herself. However, as she walked away, Rayzor dragged her back from the vehicle.

“I’m not mad that you dragged me. I’m mad because you had no regard for people that could see us… You had no regard that anybody could have pulled over… and got involved. Anything could have happened.” she continued. “I didn’t break up with Ray because we had a little scuffle — this is what we do! I broke up with you because you had no regard for us being in public.”

Watch a video of the entrepreneur sharing her thoughts below.

A Brief Recap Of The Former Couple’s Split

As The Shade Room previously reported, the mother of two took to Instagram in late December to reveal her split from Razor.

Shortly after the entrepreneur made the public announcement, Rayzor took to social media to explain that he “dodged a bullet” and “walked away clean” from their relationship.

Supa Cent then hopped into The Shade Room’s post of Rayzor’s comments to seemingly accuse Rayzor of being physical with her.

“I wish I would have dodged them licks. Not acting like he ain’t just fight and drag me on the interstate. Whew chile. Don’t gaslight me before I spill fareal.”

Since then, Rayzor has returned to Instagram to deny his ex-fiancée’s allegations. In a post shared on Sunday, December 31, Rayzor alleged that he did not “physically harm” Supa Cent.

Instead, he seemed to refer to the incident and their subsequent split as a “misunderstanding.”

Furthermore, Rayzor also explained that he is “fighting” for his family.

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