Supa Cent Reveals She’s Attending Therapy With Her Ex-Fiancé

Supa Cent and her ex-fiancé Rayzor are working through their relationship issues.

About three weeks after announcing their split, the make-up mogul has revealed that she and Rayzor are attending joint therapy sessions.

Supa Cent And Rayzor Are Attending Therapy

Supa made the revelation on Facebook on Thursday (January 18) as she responded to what appeared to be a fan’s question.

“Hey Supa, Are you and Ray in therapy together,” the fan wrote. “If not now will y’all do it together eventually. I’m hoping because you guys bring out the best in each other it seems.”

The 35-year-old surprisingly confirmed that she and Razor were working on it.

“Yes, we are. We are on session 3,” she said.


It’s unclear if their therapy sessions mean that their engagement is back on. However, working on repairing their romance seems to be their main focus right now.

The pair got together back in May 2021 and announced their engagement on their first anniversary.

Supa Accuses Rayzor Of Assaulting Her

On December 27, Supa took to Instagram to announce that she and Rayzor had decided to call it quits.

Her post made no mention of what had caused the couple to go their separate ways. Understandably, it left fans confused, with many wondering what resulted in their decision to split.

Rayzor followed up with a post of his own, confirming that the couple had gone their separate ways. The New Orleans businessman didn’t hold back either, saying he had “dodged a bullet” and “walked away clean.”

“I couldn’t ask God for anything more. No dirt on my name, no scandal, no cheating , It’s nothing anyone can say bad about me besides it didn’t work out,” he said. “I’m at peace with my decision… all smiles #thankful.”

Supa seemingly took issue with the caption. She fired back and accused him of getting physical with her in the car. Supa stepped into The Shade Room‘s comment section and threatened her ex not to “gaslight” her unless he wanted her to continue talking.

“I wish I would have dodged them licks,” she wrote. “Not acting like he ain’t just fight and drag me on the interstate. Whew Chile. Don’t gaslight me before I spill fareal.”

Supa Clarifies That They Both Got Physical

On January 1, however, Supa came forward on Instagram Live. She admitted Rayzor wasn’t the only one causing physical harm in the relationship.

She clarified that she, too, had stepped out of line and that the situation had ultimately left her feeling “distraught.”

“That n***a is not going to put his hands on me without me putting my hands on him,” she said, admitting that the physical abuse was not one-sided. “You did cause physical harm to me, and I caused physical harm to you.”

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