T.I. Shares His Thoughts (WATCH)

T.I. is getting candid and sharing his thoughts on Young Thug‘s YSL RICO trial.

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T.I. Speaks On Young Thug’s YSL RICO & Shares What He Thinks The Outcome Will Be

On Tuesday, May 28, ‘The Breakfast Club’ published a new interview with T.I. via YouTube. During the conversation, Charlamagne Tha God asked the rapper if he had recently spoken to Thugger.

Additionally, Charla even asked T.I. if he’d ever seen a court case similar to Thugger’s.

“Yeah, yep — he’s coming home, he’s coming home,” T.I. said before responding to Charlamagne’s second question. “Nah, nobody has.” 

At that point, Charlamagne asked T.I. what makes him think Young Thug will be acquitted.

“I don’t think that the prosecution has successfully proven the case of him, you know, knowingly and willingly participating in an active street gang,” T.I. replied. “I just don’t see it.”

Furthermore, T.I. shared that he doesn’t believe the witnesses called to testify against the rapper have aided the prosecution in proving “the grounds” of the case.

DJ Envy then chimed in to share that Young Thug’s current circumstance is “sad” because even if he is acquitted or released from behind bars, he would have to start rebuilding himself from ground zero.

“Oh, don’t worry about it — when he comes home, we’ll get him right,” T.I. replied while shaking his head up and down. “He’ll be just fine, just get him here.. and we’ll handle the rest. He’ll be just fine.”

Watch T.I. share his full thoughts below.

An Update Was Recently Shared On The Rapper’s Wellbeing Behind Bars

As The Shade Room previously reported, Young Thug’s girlfriend, Mariah The Scientist, shared an update on his wellbeing earlier this month. While speaking with Billboard, the singer explained that she speaks to the rapper every day.

Additionally, she shared that people expect her to say that the rapper is “down and out.” However, Thugger hasn’t taken that route and is instead staying positive as he awaits the conclusion of his trial.

“I talk to him every day, all day. When I have the opportunity to go to court and tune in physically, I am there,” she said. “I feel like sometimes they expect me to say he’s down and out. He’s not really that kind of guy. It’s very rare that he’s like that. Obviously, everybody doesn’t have perfect days every single day. For the most part, I have more down days than he does…”

A Brief Recap Of How The Trial Kicked Off

As The Shade Room previously reported, Young Thug’s RICO Trial kicked off with opening statements on November 27, 2023. The trial’s commencement followed the rapper’s arrest in Georgia on racketeering and conspiracy charges in 2022.

Additionally, the trial’s start date also followed months of rigorous jury selection.

As things kicked off, prosecutors alleged that Young Thug was the head of Young Slime Life, an “Atlanta-based street gang” that committed murders and drug and firearm offenses.

Young Thug’s defense immediately denied the allegations and maintained that the rapper has only spearheaded his music career. Then, on day two of opening arguments, the rapper’s attorney, Brian Steel, alleged that his name “Thug” was created to stand for “Truly Humbled Under God.”

“If he could ever make it as a musical artist and help his family, himself, and his many others out of this endless cycle of hopelessness, he would be truly humbled under God. That’s what thug means,” Steel explained at the time, per The Shade Room.

At the time, Young Thug’s RICO trial appeared to be off to a productive start. However, the trial would spark major headlines on day three of opening statements.

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