T.J. Holmes Addresses Amy Robach Podcast Dispute

Just one month into their podcast launch and it seems T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are already experiencing issues.

On Tuesday (January 23), the pair dropped an episode of their ‘Amy and T.J.‘ podcast.

Argument Erupts During Podcast Recording

But things quickly took a turn for the worse.

According to Daily Mail, during one particular segment, the pair admitted they had not been in a good place with one another. The couple reportedly revealed their issues had been so bad it surprised their team that they showed up to tape the episode.

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During the episode, Robach and Holmes shared they’d been having communication issues and that things were far from smooth.

The heated conversation appeared to have left many people wondering whether the news anchors were on the verge of splitting, per Daily Mail.

Holmes Addresses Fears Of Being Stereotyped

But on Thursday (January 25), the pair decided to release another episode to candidly discuss the emotionally charged dispute.

Holmes shared that he initially didn’t want to release the audio of him arguing with Robach.

He worried that the episode might fuel a certain stereotype often attributed to Black people, thus misinterpreting his behavior, which he wanted to avoid.

“I don’t want to put this out because this is going to be, I fear, be viewed as a Black man beating up on a white woman,” he explained per Daily Mail.

That’s when Robach reportedly chimed in, expressing:

“When you have someone crying, that creates a certain dynamic where people feel like they have to come to the rescue of me versus actually looking at it from a more balanced perspective.”

Holmes stressed that if people had sat around to watch the entire episode, they would’ve been aware that he never raised his voice at her.

“I was not yelling, screaming, I wasn’t doing anything,” he reiterated.

Robach responded by saying that race had never been a concern in their relationship.

She added that she had never even considered the stereotyping of Holmes based on his actions towards her, though it made her more mindful of their on-air quarrels.

“Race, the fact that you’re Black and I’m white would never have crossed my mind, and that’s kind of to your point… You have to think about things that I don’t think about, and honestly, it took me a second to actually get my head around it,” she explained per Daily Mail.

Responding to break-up speculations after Tuesday’s episode, the couple had also recorded a video on Instagram together, assuring that all was well.

In the clip, Holmes stated, “Despite what you’ve been hearing, we are still together.”

He went on to say that they “debated” about releasing the episode but eventually decided to put it out there for their listeners.

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