Tamar Braxton Addresses Rumor Toni Braxton Married Birdman

A baseless rumor widely spreading on social media about Toni Braxton tying the knot with Birdman has Tamar Braxton jokingly wondering why she wasn’t invited to the ceremony.

The ‘Stay & Fight’ singer took to Instagram on Saturday (December 30) as she and her fiancé, Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson, took the kids to Disneyland.

Tamar Braxton Demands Answers Over Toni And Birdman’s Marriage Rumors

Tamar demanded answers after she came across a tweet on X claiming her sister had married her longtime beau in Mexico.

The couple never confirmed the rumor, but social media users quickly re-shared the post, subsequently catching Tamar’s attention.

Considering the close relationship between the sisters, it’s understandable why the tweet took Tay-Tay aback.

“I want to know, did she get married?” She asked her followers as she sat next to her fiancé Jeremy Robinson. “I’ve been blowing up her phone […] Somebody gotta tell us something.”

Tamar Believed Their Mom Was Hiding Information About The Alleged Wedding

Initially, Tamar dismissed the claims as nothing more than rumors, but she decided to check in with their mother, Evelyn, just to be safe. After all, Toni surely wouldn’t have forgotten to include her mom on the invitation list – or would she?

Much to her surprise, however, Tamar recalled that Evelyn failed to give her a direct answer and that she “wasn’t giving up any information.”

“I can definitely tell she knows something, because I was like, ‘Why you can’t just give me a straight answer? I don’t know,” she quipped.

Meanwhile, on X, social media users were just as perplexed by the rumor as Tamar.

“So Toni Braxton and Birdman really married?!?” @PourMyWineSlow wrote.

Another user by the name @okaywayment added their thoughts to the rumor, writing, “Toni Braxton marrying Birdman is very Libra of her lmao Expect the unexpected from a gotdamn Libra, baby.”

Toni and Birdman began dating in 2016 before announcing their engagement two years later.

The internet has circulated countless rumors over the years alleging that the pair are married. But neither of the two have ever confirmed these claims.

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