Tennessee Passes Bill Letting Teachers, School Staff Be Armed

Social media users are reacting alongside Vice President Kamala Harris after Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill allowing school staff to carry weapons.

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More Details About The Tennessee Bill & Its Passage

According to CNN, Tennessee lawmakers passed SB 1325 on Tuesday, April 23. The outlet reports that the legislation “authorizes,” but does not require, “a faculty or staff member of a school to carry a concealed handgun on school grounds.”

However, the faculty member’s authorization is only permitted through specific conditions.

The conditions reportedly include faculty receiving written authorization from the superintendent, principal, and chief of the corresponding law agency, an enhanced carry permit, and passing a background check.

Additionally, faculty must complete 40 hours of “basic training in school policing” and 40 in a separate course and undergo a physical exam.

The outlet adds that under the bill, parents in Tennessee may not be notified if their children’s teachers are carrying firearms. However, faculty will be barred from carrying the weapon openly or during “school-sponsored events.”

Vice President Kamala Harris Weighs In

According to CNN, the bill is now headed to Governor Bill Lee. If Lee does not veto it, the outlet reports it will become law.

On Wednesday, April 24, Vice President Kamala Harris took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share her reaction to the legislation.

“Arming teachers is not the solution,” she wrote. “We know what actually works: universal background checks, red flag laws, safe storage, and an assault weapons ban. Shame on extremists in the Tennessee legislature for failing to protect our children.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to the Tennessee bill’s passage and VP Harris’ remarks in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @justsham_02 wrote, They want us to carry guns but they don’t want to give us supplies or feed hungry kids in schools.”

While Instagram user @cocoahontas___ added,It’s all good until an unstable teacher has a bad day or one of your bad ass kids get ahold of the gun.

-a teacher”

Instagram user @m.garavani wrote, “Banning TikTok not the solution either”

While Instagram user @jason_voorhiez added, So what happens if/when a student or somebody unauthorized gets a hold of the gun? Yall gon pass a new law then? 🤨”

Instagram user @_tiffaannnnyyyyy_ wrote, Why not just hire arm guards instead??”

While Instagram user @mickeyisart added,I don’t understand what’s the problem with having licensed security guards on duty?”

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