Teyana Taylor Addresses Rumors She Is Dating Leonardo DiCaprio

Teyana Taylor recently reacted to the rumors that she’s been getting cozy with her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

The singer told E!’s ‘The Rundown’ that she was simply helping the ‘Titanic’ star with his hair and not flirting in the viral Oscar party video.

What Happened Between Teyana & Leo In The Viral Video

Last month, everyone wanted to know what the tea was between the two after the actors were seen closely chatting at the event.

Leo rested his hand on Tey’s lower back as they spoke. Additionally, the actress wrapped her arms around DiCaprio’s neck as they danced. Teyana seemingly played in his hair as they looked into each other’s eyes as they spoke. They also whispered in one another’s ears. Social media said the behavior was giving ‘more than friends.’

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After the clip surfaced, rumors quickly began to circulate that Taylor, who is currently divorcing Iman Shumpert, was dating the legendary bachelor. Sources close to the mom of two said it was just an innocent conversation, but social media isn’t buying it.

Now, the ‘Lowkey’ singer has confirmed ‘The Rundown’ that she was simply helping the Oscar winner with his mane.

Teyana told the outlet, “Leo wore extensions for the movie and they were hurting him. I was literally helping him with his bun.”

Additionally, Taylor said the conversation was harmless as they discussed dinner.

“And if you’ve seen the video, I said something about cornbread because my chef was cooking for the whole cast,” the actress said. “We gotta make sure his bun is right. We gotta make sure he’s eating good.”

The ‘A Thousand and One’ star revealed he is like a brother to her. She also complimented DiCaprio’s character and revealed that he championed her acting.

“He is like the best. He will cheerlead for you all the way through,” she shared.

Before the two were secretly filmed at the party, a clip emerged of Teyanna and Leonardo from the set of an untitled Paul Thomas Anderson film. It is currently called the ‘B.C. Project.’

In the video, Leonardo smacks Teyana’s butt during a robbery scene. It was apart of the script, but fans seem to think reality is imitating art.

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