Tiffany Foxx, Shorty Da Prince Address Claims

Andrew Caldwell, former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Tiffany Foxx, and Shorty da Prince found success with their ‘Hometeam Morning Radio Show’ on Audacy’s 104.1.

However, damaging accusations, a lawsuit, and a restraining order reportedly led to the trio being cut from the airwaves.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is sitting down with Foxx and Prince for ‘TSR Investigates.’

Are Caldwell’s allegations against his former co-hosts true? Or is something deeper at play?

Here’s Andrew Caldwell Accused His Former Co-Hosts Of

According to Carter, the ‘Hometown Morning Radio Show’ shocked the airwaves when it debuted almost two years ago. At the time, the show launched with Caldwell, Prince, and former ‘Basketball Wives’ star Brittish Williams.

Last year, Williams excited the show after being hit with federal fraud charges. She was ultimately replaced with former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Tiffany Foxx.

However, after the show received its new addition, viewers and executives reportedly began to notice a shift in the hosts’ chemistry. A video from a years-old livestream shows Caldwell and and Fox hurling insults at one another.

Carter notes that instances like this led to the show’s cancellation in March 2024.

“Our show has been let go,” Caldwell explained told fans at the time. “And it was not because of me. I had nothing to do with that, of course. I’m replaceable.”

According to Carter, Caldwell alleged Foxx was spreading rumors on social media. However, the most shocking allegation he shared against Foxx was that she and Prince had been involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship at the radio station.

“They didn’t hire you to kiss up on Shorty,” Caldwell told fans, referring to Foxx. “They didn’t hire you to come to our studio and have sex.. [and[ didn’t hire you to come to our station and bring our ratings down. You have no good reputation.”

Tiffany Foxx & Shorty Da Prince Share Their Side

Foxx and Prince sat down for exclusive interviews with Justin Carter and denied Caldwell’s allegations. Instead, the pair say that Caldwell’s grievance with them stems from a photoshoot incident.

Scroll above to watch the Foxx and Prince shared their side of the story and provide receipts. Additionally, watch as the pair share what they believe is the real reason behind their radio show being cancelled.

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