Toosii Clarifies He Misunderstood Shaq’s DM To His Girlfriend

Toosii took to Instagram to clarify that he misunderstood what Shaq meant when he DM’d his girlfriend, “can I have that baby.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, the rapper called the former Laker out on X, formerly known as Twitter, but now the ‘Truth Be Told’ singer says he misinterpreted the message.

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Toosii Reveals He Misinterpreted Shaq’s Message

As the singer sat in his car with a Chik-fil-A cup in hand, he explained, “So apparently I guess what [Shaq] was saying was he wanted my girl.”

“Which like if I would have read it like that, I never would have posted it…” Toosii stated.

He then expressed his displeasure for such a large man attempting to bag his significant other.

“But n**** you don’t got no business trying to f*** my girl…fam like seven foot!” he said.

The songwriter quipped, “My girl like 5’2 you not finna f*** my girl and be spinning her around your f****** finger like a fidget spinner.”

“What is you talkin’ bout? Man hell naw,” Toosii added.

“But yeah tho if I would have knew that I never would have posted it, but I thought he was talking about my son,” he said. 

“I just seen baby. That’s it. That’s all I seen. I just seen can I have that baby. No comma.” 


Roommates React

Some Roomies understood why the entertainer misunderstood what the 52-year-old wrote.

@doe_re_mi said, “It’s Shaq’s fault for not placing a coma there.”

“the message still confuses me. cause what do shaq be saying,” @itsrachelsimone said.

@repostwhiz claimed, “It’s a mixture of 2 things. Yall [don’t] type with proper grammar and sentence structure. And yall don’t read well & consider what an individual is trying to say. The former is the bigger issue however.”

Another Roommate was just happy the singer realized his mistake.

“I’m glad they straightened that out cause whattttt lol not Shaq! He might take your girl but I’m sure pops don’t want no more kids lol,” @_shuggieeeee_ stated. 

Some Roomies suggested in The Shade Room’s initial report that the Big Man could have been joking.

Roommate, @dairkween_, commented “Maybe he was saying yall child was adorable. People say that all the time. Especially older ppl.”

Shaq wrote in the comment section of The Shade Room’s update, “yall know Shaq love the kids lol.” This implies he was jokingly saying he wanted Toosii’s baby because he adores children. The rapper seemingly took it in a pervy way.

An honest mistake. Case closed.


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