Torrei Hart To Tour With Katt Williams Following His Kevin Hart Diss

It looks like Torrei Hart isn’t letting Katt Williams‘ comments about her ex-husband stand in the way of business! On Jan. 8, the aspiring comedian announced she’s joining Katt on tour. This comes after Williams called Kevin Hart an “industry plant” in a viral interview released last week.

Torrei shared a photo with Katt on her Instagram feed, calling him her “good friend.” She shared that she’ll be joining him on his ‘Dark Matter’ tour in Charlotte, Orlando, and Tampa starting on Jan. 27. In her post, she included a clip from Katt Williams’ interview about who he puts on.

“I only put on comedians that are funnier than me. Anybody that ever told you differently is a fat Faizon liar,” Katt said in the Shannon Sharpe interview clip.

Swipe below to watch.

Roomies React To Torrei Hart Going On Tour With Katt Williams

After The Shade Room reposted the news, the roomies started cuttin’ up in the comment section. The post garnered over 19,000 comments in about 12 hours.

@tamikanewhouse wrote, “She wrote this man’s skits. Was with him when he didn’t have nothing. Helped build him. He gave her scraps after he cheated. No loyalty at all. Get your coins sis and I’m coming to support. Boom!!!”

@iamstevejones said, “2024, we asked you to come in, sit down, and behave….”

@kingofstyle1990 added, “She made the right choice on which show to attend! Kevin got more coins, but Katt will have your stomach doing summersaults and your eyes tearing up from laughter. Kevin will make you giggle.” 

vanettaonline said, “As someone who’s always cheered for the real & the underdog, I’m going to speak nothing but success for them & I’ll want to produce & market HER tour. Really hope she leverages this to catapult her brand & she’s on tour next. Kev may be a rockstar, but her fan base will be full of women that have helped men shine & got [poop emoticon] on.”

@mymissiontohealthy added, “Chess not checkers!!!!!1. Torrei wrote jokes and helped Kevin get on! 2. Kevin used his marriage for the basis of his jokes, now it’s her turn! 3. Kevin didn’t help her get on! 4. *in my Kanye voice * “and when he get on he leave your azz for a white girl. Well @enikohart isn’t white but you get my drift! 5. @kevinhart4real literally called the new wife his rib when @torreihart was with him when he didn’t have shiiiiii!”

To note, Kevin Hart has yet to react publicly to his ex-wife’s recent revelation.

Kevin Hart Clapped Back At Katt Williams After The “Industry Plant” Insult

As previously reported, the 52-year-old didn’t hold back on his thoughts about Kevin Hart in the viral interview. He suggested Hart was just an industry puppet whose career was inflated from the jump.

Kevin shot back at Katt, suggesting the comedian needs to get the “anger” out of him. At that point, it had been about five years after his previous beef with Katt. In 2018, Hart stepped to Tiffany Haddish’s defense when Katt said she hadn’t proven her ability to tell jokes.

Then, more recently, Kevin roasted his fellow comedian while hosting ‘NBA Unplugged.’

Watch below.

Meanwhile, Tiffany herself recently addressed Katt Williams after he also took shots at her career in the interview.

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