Trey Songz Takes Provocative Pics With Fans At Meet & Greet

Trey Songz is going viral for recreating sexual poses at a Baltimore meet and greet. The Roomies believe it was a poor choice to make in the midst of his pending assault cases.

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Although most of the pics were innocent, some of the photos he took with fans were on the provocative side.

The Provocative Pics

One snapshot shows a woman dressed in hot pink bending over in front of Songz. He has both hands placed on her back as he bites his bottom lip.

In another photo, Trey embraces a fan as he holds up one of her legs in front of him. The singer grabs the back of her knee to secure it in place. The two stand crotch to crotch as they smile at the camera.

The ‘Bottoms Up’ singer also hoisted a woman up, cradling her under the bum, as he looks up at the adoring fan.

Many of the Roommates commenting under the IG post mentioned Trey’s sexual assault allegations. In addition to how the sexual nature of the pics were probably a poor choice.

@s.nashay commented, “with all the allegations he got, this was a terrible idea.”

@charliedoingtings added, “Hope no one paid for this. He’ll touch you inappropriately for free.”

“Oh look, it’s consensual this time….,” @imitationbyjerell added.

@nailz_by_dev simply wrote, “Cringe city.”

Assault Allegations

Songz has been sued by multiple women over the years for sexual and physical violence. As previously reported, a woman in Vegas accused him of exposing her breasts at a pool party in 2013.

In addition, he was sued by two women who claimed Trey assaulted them at a 2015 house party.

There has been case after case filed against the Grammy-winner. However, this hasn’t stopped the ‘Heart Attack’ singer from making his coins at shows.

Despite the controversy, his fans seemed to be in agood spirits as they posed with Trey.


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