U.S. Introduces On Citizenship Applications

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced a “third gender option” for those applying for naturalization. According to Fox News, the new option took effect on Monday, April 1.

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More Details Regarding The New Third Gender Option On U.S. Citizenship Applications

The outlet reports that the USCIS released a news alert to share that it revised Form N-400. Fox News reports that the form is used as the Application for Naturalization.

Additionally, the USCIS shared that the form has now been updated to include the space for applicants to provide “Another Gender Identity” or option “X.”

Furthermore, Fox News notes that Form N-400 is the first “USCIS form to do so.”

“Historically, USCIS forms and associated documents have only offered two gender options: ‘Male (M)’ and ‘Female (F).’ This has created significant barriers for requestors who do not identify with either of those options. Limiting benefit requestors to two gender options also creates administrative challenges for USCIS when we receive birth certificates or other official government-issued documents with a gender other than M or F,” the news alert reads.

Additionally, the alert goes on to assert that offering a “third gender option” will ensure that the applicant’s “biographical data” is accurate. Additionally, it will also allow the USCIS to remain “consistent” with the federal and state agencies that have adopted the new option.

The alert reportedly references the U.S. Department of State’s “expanded passport services,” per Fox News. The department reportedly now offers “gender X” in their applications.

Here’s How Applicants Can Utilize The Third Gender Option

According to Fox News, an applicant who wants to use the third-gender option will not need to provide supporting documentation. Additionally, the gender an applicant selects on their naturalization form does not need to match the gender chosen on their “birth certificate, passport, or state I.D.”

However, if an applicant would like to use the third gender option, they “may need to visit a Social Security office,” per the USCIS’ news alert.

“Note that if you select the X gender option on the new Form N-400, you may need to visit a Social Security office for a Social Security card or to update your citizenship status,” the alert reads. “The Social Security Administration is still developing systems to accept the X gender option.”

According to the news alert, those who have filled out a naturalization form before April 1 “may request to update their gender.”

Social Media Reacts To The USCIS’ Decision

Social media users shared their reactions to the update on the USCIS’ naturalization process in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @waveologist wrote, Soooo people are gonna identify as Twitter?”

While Instagram user @a___sweeet added, Doing everything else except lowering rent prices or raising the pay for jobs 😒”

Instagram user @_lovemoca wrote, Earth is ghetto.”

While Instagram user @c.jay.t added,I wanna identify as a billionaire so bad 😂😂😂” 

User @thekristianasmith added, “Good deal. Evolution is inevitable, even when it makes folk angry.”

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