Uvalde Families Awarded $2 Million In School Shooting Settlement

Uvalde families who lost loved ones and those injured in the tragic 2022 school shooting will receive a $2 million settlement from the city.

CNN reports that the families made the announcement on Wednesday, May 22. Additionally, they plan to sue the school district, specific employees, and 92 police officers for $500 million.
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A Father’s Response To the Settlement

As previously reported by The Shade Room, the families previously sued the city for punitive damages and other relief. Many families believe there was a “systematic failure.” Javier Cazares, whose 9-year-old son passed in the shooting, stated, “It’s been an unbearable two years.”

“We all know who took our children’s lives, but there was an obvious systematic failure out there on May 24,” he said before adding, “The whole world saw that.”

Cazares stated people should be held accountable. Additionally, he stated financial gain isn’t his concern.

“No amount of money is worth the lives of our children. Justice and accountability has always been my main concern,” the father shared.

“We’ve been let down so many times, that time has come to do the right thing,” Javier said.

The City of Uvalde Releases A Settlement

The city released a statement acknowledging a settlement had been reached.

“Today, we are thankful to join the victim’s families in arriving at an agreement that will allow us to remember the Robb Elementary tragedy while moving forward together as a community to bring healing and restoration to all those affected,” the statement read.

Furthermore, they thanked the “victim’s families for working with [them] over the past year to cultivate an environment of community-wide healing.”

The settlement comes as the anniversary of the tragic shooting quickly approaches. On May 24, 2022, an 18-year-old entered the school and gunned down 19 children and two teachers. He then barricaded himself inside a classroom.

376 law enforcement officers arrived at the school to assist, but no one breached the door to disarm the shooter for more than 70 minutes.

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