Vanessa Bryant Unveils New Kobe Bryant Statue (Video)

Vanessa Bryant recently spoke at the unveiling of her late husband, Kobe Bryant‘s, newest statue in Los Angeles, California.

On Thursday (February 8), a few hours before the Lakers were set to take on the Denver Nuggets, Vanessa took to the podium at the Arena.

Vanessa Bryant Unveils Kobe’s Statue

Attendees, wearing remembrances of Kobe’s career through jerseys and memorabilia, were part of a historical moment as Vanessa shared some words ahead of the reveal.

“It goes without saying that today is an especially sad day for us since Kobe and Gigi aren’t here for what is supposed to be an incredibly joyous moment and Kobe’s legacy,” she said. “Kobe has so many people that have supported him all over the world from the very beginning. And this moment isn’t just for Kobe, but it’s for all of you that have been rooting for him all of these years.”

“Kobe was part of the creative process,” she revealed, bringing even greater depth to the creation process.

The statue captures Kobe’s athletic prowess, with the names of their daughters tattooed on his arm.

The attention to this little detail highlighted his roles as a father and husband, which stood on equal grounds with his fierceness as a basketball icon.

Moreover, Vanessa revealed that the Star Plaza at the arena, also referred to as “the house that Kobe built,” will host THREE statues.

One statue shows Kobe wearing his jersey with the number 8, while another is of him and their late daughter Gianna. The third and final statue sees Kobe wearing another Lakers jersey with the number 24.

“And for the record, Kobe picked the pose you’re about to see. So if anyone has any issues with it, tough s—. It is what it is,” she quipped.

Kobe Bryant’s Statue Has Been In The Making For Some Time

Vanessa first revealed plans to unveil a statue at the Crypto Arena last summer. But nobody could’ve expected the outcome to look as spectacular as it did.

Standing at a whopping 19 feet and weighing 4,000 pounds, the bronze statue of Bryant certainly captured the energy he brought to the game.

Adding a piece of history that the statue represents includes a QR code, which appears to be a bridge between past and present.

Fans can relive Kobe’s highlights, including his legendary 81-point game, which remains the second-highest single-game scoring performance in NBA history.

The statue, inscribed with one of his poignant quotes, “Leave the game better than you found it. And when it comes time for you to leave, leave a legend,” serves as an interactive beacon for fans and passersby.

Roomies, are you loving the Kobe Bryant statue, and will you be making a trip to the arena to see it in person?

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