Video Of Bride & Groom’s Kiss Goes Viral (Exclusive Details) 

A newlywed couple is at the center of a viral video after what appeared to be a reluctant kiss at their wedding reception.

The 30-second clip shows an African couple dressed in glimmering, forest-green traditional wedding attire. They both accessorized with thick, beaded red-and-gold necklaces and bracelets.

Their reception appeared to be the epitome of luxury! There were large photos of the newlyweds in the background and lush white floral arrangements. However, the only thing lacking, per the clip, appeared to be an aura of romance!

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An announcer asked the couple and audience if they were “ready” before encouraging the bride and groom to kiss. It was reportedly their first time kissing. The clip primarily shows the bride’s facial expression — which looks like a mix of grimacing and hesitation.

Eventually, they briefly touched their closed lips. Then, the announcer encouraged the bride to bite a piece of food from the groom’s mouth. Again, the bride appeared uncomfortable.

Watch the video below.

Videographer Gives Context On Viral Video Of Couple’s Wedding Reception Kiss

In a conversation with The Shade Room, the wedding’s videographer, Motiv8 Weddings, spilled on the couple beyond the viral clip.

Motiv8 Weddings mentioned that the couple was “overwhelmed” by the “unexpected” backlash.

The videographer said sharing the kiss was to “shed light on the beautiful journey of chastity, the significance of saving oneself for marriage, and the depth of meaningful connections that go beyond mere physical attraction.” 

They added that the initial video was “misconstrued.”

“…The couple was pressured to kiss when they had intended to reserve that intimate moment for a later time,” Motiv8 Weddings said.

They added that the couple in the viral kiss video share “a profound love…beyond the physical realm.”

“It’s a love story that deserves more than a fleeting judgment based on a single moment in time. As we navigate the complexities of relationships in the digital era, let’s remember that social media narratives don’t always encapsulate the depth of emotions and intentions behind each post. It’s a reminder that love takes many forms, and meaningful connections are built on shared values, communication, and a genuine understanding of one another.”

Amid the backlash, Motiv8 Weddings shared another clip of the couple that shows the bride walking down the aisle and the groom wiping his tears. Watch below.

The Shade Room staff, Saràn Tarawaley, first sourced this report for TSR’s Instagram page.

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