Video Shows Nurse Abusing Disabled Child

For many parents, finding the proper caretaker for their children can be a challenge. However, finding the right person to care for your child who has disabilities can be even more difficult.

Emma Plummer, a Michigan mother, is now fighting for justice for her 8-year-old disabled daughter. Plummer is alleging that her home nurse not only disregarded proper safety protocols with her daughter but also physically abused her.

Despite her allegations, Plummer says local law enforcement officials aren’t taking action.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is getting to the bottom of things for ‘TSR Investigates.’

Here’s How Emma Plummer Made The Shocking Discovery

According to Carter, in March 2023, Plummer realized that “something just wasn’t right” with her 8-year-old daughter, Ny’anna. The child was previously diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disorder that impacts nerve cells that control voluntary muscle movement, per John Hopkins Medicine.

Additionally, Ny’anna is bedridden and, outside of the care of her mother, relies on the care of private-duty nurses.

One day, Plummer noticed her daughter was experiencing mood swings and crying often. The mother decided to check the security cameras in front of her daughter’s bed. However, she was not prepared for what she saw.

“Honestly, I wanted to beat her up,” Plummer told Carter.

The footage, obtained by The Shade Room, shows the nurse lifting Ny’anna by one of her legs as she changes the child’s diaper without gloves. In additional clips, the nurse can be seen lifting Ny’anna by her neck and head to reposition her on her bed.

“Ny’anna, she’s screaming, trying to get help, and [the nurse is like,] ‘What do you want? What do you want? You can do it. You’re fine. You’re fine,’” Plummer explained while recalling the incident to Carter.

The mother explained that she showed the clips to a private nurse practitioner who called the woman’s actions “extremely dangerous.”

“Lifting a child by the neck is extremely dangerous in any situation however, due to the risk of very weak neck muscles, this child is at high risk for dislocation of cervical vertebrae and potential paralysis,” the private nurse practitioner’s report read.

The Footage Discovered By The Michigan Mother Becomes More Alarming

As Plummer continued to sift through security footage, she discovered more alarming instances between the nurse and her child.

Scroll above to see what else the mother discovered. Watch as she shares details about the high-ranking academic institution that recommended the caretaker and explains how the response by law enforcement officials has been “dismissive” and disappointing.

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