Vincent Hughes Responds To Sheryl Lee Ralph Bi-Coastal Critics

Sheryl Lee Ralph and her husband, Senator Vincent Hughes, have been subject to public speculation due to their unique living arrangement. They have been married for almost two decades, yet they live in different cities.

Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Marriage To Vincent

However, they maintain that their arrangement works perfectly for them, dispelling misconceptions about the stability of their love for one another. Married since 2005, the couple have learned to juggle their professional commitments and their relationship to the best of their abilities.

As The Shade Room previously reported in December, Ralph revealed that because of their busy careers which usually keeps them apart, she and Hughes only see each other once every two weeks.

Their jobs have necessitated their bi-coastal lifestyle, with Ralph splitting her time between Pennsylvania and Los Angeles for her hit ABC series, ‘Abbot Elementary.’ On the other hand, Hughes has to maintain his consistent presence in his capitol. But despite residing on opposite coasts, the couple has managed to nurture their love and keep their marriage intact.

The actress added that their arrangement “worked” for them, particularly because they’ve already been together for so long.

Vincent Responds To Criticism

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, a reporter quizzed Hughes on his opinion about the fans’ reaction to his long-distance relationship with his wife.

However, in response to the public’s curiosity, he expressed his confusion and stated that they have always considered their commuting lifestyle as the norm.

“I don’t know why, we’ve been commuting ever since the beginning and it has worked for us so it’s cool!” he said.

The couple also clarified the misconception that they weren’t living together.

They explained that while they maintain residences in both LA and Philly due to their professional obligations, they still very much live under one roof. At least when Ralph is not filming for her show.

What Initially Sparked The Conversation

The mom of two previously stated that the secret to their successful marriage lies in their respect for each other’s professional commitments.

She made the revelation on December 5 at the Elle Women in Hollywood.

“Vincent and I have been married going on 19 years,” Ralph told ET. “We’ve been together 21 years. Abbott [Elementary] is shot in Los Angeles. My husband as a senator is always in his Capitol, so I don’t know what magic people think we’re gonna do.”

Ralph made sure to add that she didn’t care about the public’s opinion on her love life with Hughes.

“We see each other on the average of every two weeks,” she continued. “And everybody who questions that I say, guess what? We’re still married.””

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