Vivica A. Fox On Possibly Working With Taraji P. Henson Again

Vivica A. Fox is opening up about possibly working with Taraji P. Henson again while encouraging social media users to check her resume. As The Shade Room previously reported, Fox weighed in after Henson voiced her frustrations about her continued experience with pay inequality in Hollywood.

Fox made it clear that she didn’t share the same experience with her fellow actor.

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Vivica Fox Reflects On Her Career & Speaks On Taraji P. Henson

On Thursday, January 11, Entertainment Tonight premiered an exclusive interview with the 59-year-old actor. During the conversation, Fox reflected on her decades-long acting career and over 240 movie roles.

Additionally, Fox also discussed a particular role she would love to reprise — her role as Candace on the now-canceled television series, ‘Empire.’ According to the outlet, Candace was the sister of one of the series’ lead roles, Cookie. Cookie was played by Taraji P. Henson.

“We were supposed to do a spinoff, we really were and things just didn’t work out, unfortunately,” she explained. “But I would jump at the opportunity to work with Taraji again. I mean, she is just creme de la creme.”

Watch the actor’s sentiments below.

The Actor Encourages Social Media To Check Her Resume

Later that day, Fox took to Instagram Live to reflect on her sit down with Entertainment Tonight in footage chronicled by Instagram user, @livebitez. During her stream, the actor explained that her career “has been a wonderful journey.”

Additionally, she thanked her fans and urged them to watch the outlet’s recap of her career.

Meanwhile, in The Shade Room’s comment section, fans continued to defend Fox for voicing that her experience contrasts with Henson’s.

Instagram user @the.shandawg wrote.


“Lol just because she cannot relate to someone else’s circumstances does not make her a bad person. She still showed her support, and at the end made it very clear that Taraji situation was not hers.”

While Instagram user @edwinmontanez added.

“I agree with her. Your experience isn’t everyone else’s experience. She didn’t knock Taraji. She said she should speak HER OWN truth but they don’t share that truth. Nothing wrong with that. Why some are upset about that is strange.”

Additionally, one fan seemed to applaud Fox for not continuing to weigh in with responses to what Henson shared.

Instagram user @kitten.berrries wrote.

“Why y’all mad she not speaking on someone else business it’s called MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS which is what she is doing period. The one thing yall be screaming people don’t do…”

Here’s How Vivica A. Fox Responded To Her Fellow Actor’s Experience

As The Shade Room previously reported, in December, Henson became emotional when publicly speaking on her experience with pay inequality in Hollywood.

Earlier this month, Fox candidly weighed in on the matter, explaining that the experience is “to each its own.” However, she did acknowledge that it’s important for each individual to transparently share their own experience.

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