Vivica A. Fox Reveals Which Actor Is The Best On-Screen Kisser

In a recent interview, Vivica A. Fox revealed some rather juicy tidbits from her Hollywood smooch roster about the men she has kissed on camera over the years.

Fox, with a film career spanning almost three decades, has undoubtedly had her fair share of actors to make out with. But apparently, some were better at it than others.

Vivica Recalls Her Kissing Scene With Larenz Tate

In a forthcoming episode of TV One’s ‘Uncensored,’ Ms. Fox spills the beans about her on-screen lip-locking history and reveals that Larenz Tate was one of the first actors she played tongue tennis with in a film.

The pair starred in the 1998 film, ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love?’ alongside lead star Halle Berry. And while the tongue-kissing scene was filmed over 26 years ago, Fox appears to remember it like it was yesterday, oh-kay!

“Wow, that Larenz Tate. Did I learn so much watching him and how he could go from being the drug addict to then the singer,” she said, per VIBE. “Great kisser, by the way. He was like one of the first guys that I let tongue kiss me on screen.”

Fox’s lips have had quite the career themselves. They’ve puckered up with some of the industry’s finest and lived to tell the tale. But she didn’t stop naming Tate as her first on-screen tongue-kissing partner.

The interviewer then asked the ‘Kill Bill’ star about some of the other men she had the chance to kiss in her movies over the years, including Will Smith and Morris Chestnut.

Vivica Names Morris Chestnut Her “Best Kisser”

Asked if she could name her favorite out of the aforementioned names, Fox didn’t hesitate to pin Chestnut as the “best kisser.”

“Between Will Smith, Morris Chestnut, and Larenz Tate—Morris Chestnut. Chocolate drop is the best kisser. But I have a cardinal rule: I don’t date any of my co-stars. I don’t at all.”

For those who don’t recall, Fox and Chestnut had quite the memorable kiss in 2001’s ‘Two Can Play That Game.’

However, while there’s no Oscar for Best On-Screen Kisser (yet), if there was, Fox has probably already cast her vote for the California native.

Viv, we totally get it, girl.

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