Waka Flocka Addresses Criticism After Going Public New Girlfriend

Waka Flocka caused quite a stir on Instagram after going public with his new girlfriend, Mel.

On Wednesday (January 10), the rapper posted a photo of himself with his leading lady standing in front of a helicopter.

Waka Flocka Introduces His New Girlfriend To His Fans

He captioned the photo, writing, “Crazy bout big MeL,” along with a heart emoji.

But shortly after posting the doting pic, the comment section under the post had a lot of people feeling somewhat shocked.

As the roomies will recall, Waka shared an eight-year marriage with Tammy, during which time they had called it quits on multiple occasions.

Their relationship issues began to play out on their We TV reality show, ‘Waka & Tammy,’ where it became apparent that the couple had been going through a rough patch together.

Many were hoping that, despite their decision to call it quits in March 2022, there would be a chance they would reconcile. But Waka made his recent Instagram post very clear — he has moved on and he wants his fans to move on too, particularly when it concerns him and Tammy.

Social media user @r.renay had one of the top comments on The Shade Room’s post, which read, “We want you to go back home sir.”

Another user by the name @Bellamusee continued the conversation, writing, “Bruhhh these comments 😂💀! I mean I love him and Tammy together too but bruhhhh.”

Waka Reacts To Online Criticism

It appears Waka caught wind of the criticism he was getting for simply sharing a sweet moment with his girlfriend.

He ended up hopping into the comment section to make it known that if those who were making comments about his relationship had truly loved him and Tammy, they would respect his personal life.

“If y’all really loved me and Tammy respectful can y’all respect our personal life’s,” he said in response to the people who’d hoped to see him back with his ex.

That’s when Charlie, Tammy’s daughter, came to her stepfather’s defense. She contributed to the conversation by telling social media users to leave Waka alone.

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Charlie confirmed that her mom has also moved on from the relationship, so fans had no reason to be upset or angry.

“Leave my father alone he is happy and my mother is happy both in separate relationships.”

Who Is Waka’s New Girlfriend?

The Shade Room did some digging and found some more details about the mysterious woman who’s since been introduced to fans as Waka’s new girlfriend.

Her name is Melanie and she’s not just a woman with good looks. According to her social media page, she has a whopping six degrees and works as an educator.

Her profile mentions that she refers to herself as “Teacher Bae,” and she’s of Brazilian and Puerto Rican descent.

Tammy Previously Revealed Why She And Waka Split

Last year, Tammy opened up about the role she played in her split with her ex-husband in an interview on the ‘Roots Before Reality: Harsh Reality’ podcast.

Rivera and Flocka, who were once considered a reality TV power couple, left fans shocked by the revelation of their split two years ago.

While it was widely rumored that the breakup was a result of Flocka’s infidelity, Rivera came forward to share her own part in their marital crisis while denouncing any cheating claims.

“He didn’t cheat this time,” she explained, per Atlanta Black Star. Tammy also opened up on how the pandemic in 2020 played a detrimental part in her relationship with Waka at the time. “I think after COVID, you know, we always, we had time to self-reflect, you get what I’m saying.”

Rivera confessed that she had to take some accountability for the dissolution of their marriage.

According to the ‘All These Kisses’ singer, she was not entirely blameless in the downfall of their relationship. She admitted that her excessive focus on her career sometimes resulted in neglecting her role as a wife, creating distance in their relationship.

While cheating was not the reason behind their breakup, Tammy continued by revealing how she began feeling resentment towards Waka.

“Because of my past…our relationship, the way that I was starting to treat him. The way I was starting to talk to him as a man.”

Waka’s past incidents of stepping out on her had built up a sense of resentment. However, she felt ultimately happy for being able to swiftly move on and maintain good terms with her ex.

After all, Waka still shares a bond with her daughter Charlie.

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