Watch Rick Ross React To Going Viral Amid His Girlfriend’s Rants

Social media users are asking Rick Ross to get a lil’ specific after he addressed the innanet about addressing him! Rozay said the folks speaking on him should aim to go viral! This comes after his girlfriend, Cristina Mackey, had her own viral moments this past week.

Rick Ross stepped outside, outside to deliver his message in the sunshine. He encouraged the people talking to go hard! Rozay even gave folks topics to add to their comments, including his viral feet photo.

“Listen, for anybody that talking ’bout the boss Ricky Rozay, when you talking ’bout the boss Ricky Rozay b***h you better go viral. You got too much sh*t to say about Rozay. You got too much sh*t to talk about. B***h talk ’bout my palm trees, b***h say how that man got so much money and don’t like to get his feet done. I may get ’em done every four months. You better talk about the boss and you gotta go viral. You gotta be creative, be creative. C’mon now!” 

Rick Ross appeared to be unbothered, using the video opportunity to promote Belaire.

Watch what he had to say below!

Cristina Mackey Has Been Speaking On Her Relationship With Rick Ross All Week

Ricky Rozay didn’t name-drop anyone in his message. But he also didn’t show support for any recent messages coming from INSIDE the house. As previously reported, his recently revealed girlfriend Cristina hasn’t been tongue-shy with critics this past week.

In fact, Mackey affirmed she was a “pick-me.” To her, that indicates Rick Ross picking her “over and over again” and vice versa. After that lil’ clip picked up steam on socials, Cristina again promoted social media reactions to her.

She seemingly confirmed Rick Ross recently welcomed a baby by sharing a photo of the child on her Instagram Story.

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And before ALL of those moments, Cristina stirred the pot with Rick Ross’ rumored recent ex-girlfriend, Pretty Vee.

Still, Ricky Rozay didn’t directly address his lady’s comments nor his alleged new co-parent. Cristina also hasn’t said anything about her bae’s internet advice.

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