Wendy Williams’ Guardian Address Lifetime Doc, Unsealed Lawsuit

The lawsuit that Wendy Williams‘ guardian filed against A&E before the premiere of ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ has reportedly been unsealed.

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Here’s What The Unsealed Lawsuit Reveals

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams’ guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, filed the lawsuit on February 22. Additionally, the date was two days before the documentary’s premiere.

At the time, the content of the lawsuit was sealed. Furthermore, it was only revealed that Morrissey was taking legal action against Lifetime and its parent company, A+E Networks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Morrissey’s suit against the companies was unsealed on Thursday, March 14. The guardian alleges Williams “did not have the legal or mental capacity to authorize her participation” in the documentary when its contract was signed.

Additionally, Morrissey alleges that it “remains unknown who created the company that entered into a contract with the network.” To note, the company that signed the contract was listed as “The Wendy Experience.”

“The Contract appears to have been signed on January 25, 2023, by the ‘CEO’ of The Wendy Experience, Inc,” the lawsuit states. “The name in the signature is not clearly legible; however, it is highly distinguishable from W.W.H.’s signature.”

Wendy Williams’ Guardian Speaks On Star’s Ex-Manager & Shares Reaction To The Documentary

According to Morrissey, Williams’ former manager, Will Selby, alleged he “would have final creative control” over the documentary’s final cut. Additionally, Selby alleged told Morrissey Williams would be portrayed in a positive light.

“Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,” he allegedly stated.

Morrissey alleged that based on those pretenses, she allowed the documentary to be created. Additionally, she believed “nothing would be released without her and the court’s approval.”

However, the documentary’s trailer was allegedly released without Morrissey’s approval. According to the lawsuit, Selby told Morrissey “he had not reviewed or approved either the trailer or the documentary prior to the Trailer’s release.”

“This blatant exploitation of a vulnerable woman with a serious medical condition who is beloved by millions within and outside of the African American community is disgusting, and it cannot be allowed,” Morrissey’s lawsuit reportedly reads. “…The Guardian was horrified by the release of the trailer and its contents, which falsely depict W.W.H.’s behavior and demeanor as being the result of intoxication rather than the result of her medical condition, which has been diagnosed by doctors at Weill Cornell.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a temporary restraining order was granted after Morrissey filed her lawsuit. However, it was ultimately reversed by a higher court, allowing the documentary to be broadcast.

The outlet reports that Appellate Justice Peter H. Moulton reversed the decision due to the First Amendment of the Constitution.

“[Stopping the company from airing the documentary would be an] impermissible prior restraint on speech that violates the First Amendment of the Constitution.”

Here’s What Happened After The ‘Where Is Wendy Williams’ Was Released

As The Shade Room previously reported, the release of Lifetime’s Wendy Williams documentary prompted widespread reactions. The documentary arrived amid it also being revealed that Williams was recently diagnosed with aphasia and dementia.

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Initially, Steve Wilkos went viral for his reaction to the documentary, while Lifetime producers also spoke out against criticism of the series. Additionally, Wendy Williams’ publicist, who was also featured in the documentary, went viral after alleging she was unaware of Williams’s struggle with alcohol addiction.

The four-part even prompted a response from Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

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