Wendy Williams Resurfaces In Trailer For Lifetime Documentary

Where is Wendy Williams? It’s the question everyone’s been asking.

Now, an upcoming Lifetime documentary plans to answer precisely that! Lifetime released a first-look trailer on Thursday (February 1).

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Lifetime Unveils Trailer For Wendy Williams’ Upcoming Documentary

After a year-long absence from the spotlight, it looks as if the 59-year-old is returning to the limelight. The two-part documentary begins with a vibrant-looking Wendy at the peak of her career.

“Since I was six years old, all I wanted was to be famous,” confesses Williams, as clips of her successful radio career roll in the background.

Williams will candidly discuss her personal life since her exit from her talk show in 2021.

As the trailer continues, viewers see a different side of the usually witty New Yorker. The host has been battling a string of health issues, including thyroid disease.

A montage of clips showing Williams in a fragile state, unable to stand without assistance, spans various scenes.

Outside of concerns about her health, the trailer then cuts to Williams looking into the camera, saying, “I have no money. And let me tell you something, if it happens to me, it can happen to you.”

After a legal battle with Wells Fargo, the former host found herself without money. As previously reported, she accused the bank of refusing to grant her access to her coins in 2022.

Her Family Is Gravely Concerned About Her Mental State

What’s refreshingly different about this documentary, however, is that it does not attempt to shy away from showing the complex side of Williams” personal life.

In one scene, a family member is heard questioning whether the radio veteran was beginning to lose her memory.

The remark was made after a clip showed a perplexed-looking Williams failing to realize she was in Manhattan, where she had called her home for years.

Her only son, Kevin Hunter Jr., also appears in several sneak peek moments.  He shared that his mom was determined to return to TV. But Kevin contended that she had “worked enough.”

He stressed that while Williams has done a pretty good job making things seem OK, that appeared far from the truth behind closed doors.

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From being asked if she drank an entire bottle of vodka to visiting a neurologist so that she could find out if she’s “crazy,” Williams’ troubling personal matters are laid bare in this special.

Through it all, though, Williams’ spirit remains unbroken as she tries to regain some normality in her life. ‘Where Is Wendy Williams’ airs on February 24 and February 25 on Lifetime.

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