Woman Calls Nardo Wick “Boring” For Refusing Alcohol & Drugs

Chile, D.A.R.E. has entered the chat! A woman is receiving backlash after suggesting Nardo Wick is “boring” for limiting his liquor and refusing to use drugs.

The moment happened during an appearance on the popular ’50 Women vs 1 Rapper’ YouTube series. Basically what happens is a group of women ask him a series of questions in a one-on-one format to measure their compatibility. The questions range in topics from sex to future goals and relationship habits and eventually, they vote “yes” or “no” on the rapper.

Woman Asks Nardo Wick About Drinking & Using Drugs

One woman, unidentified and dressed in white, stepped to Nardo and questioned his alcohol and drug consumption habits.

The woman opened with, “Do you drink liquor?” The 22-year-old responded, “Nah, no not really, it depends, like on occasion with my momma and sh*t. Like if she give me a shot, I’ll throw that but no I don’t drink for real.” 

The woman responded, “With your momma? So when you out doing hostings and sh*t..” but Nardo cut her off and repeatedly said, “No.”

Then she said, “Okay so do you do drugs?” Again, Nardo Wick said “No.” Her next response is what has innanet users tapping away at their keyboards.

“Okay, so you just a boring a** n***a,” she said. Without missing a beat, the rapper said, “Yeah.” Still going, the woman said, “I like a n***a that I can have fun with.”

In response, Nardo asked her if she drinks a lot. She said no, and before she could continue, Nardo added, “You ain’t gotta do drugs to have fun.” 

The woman agreed that you “don’t” and asked him what else makes him “happy.”

“I be chilling, I’m always happy. I ain’t never mad,” Nardo replied.

Then, they spoke about having kids. Nardo confirmed he doesn’t have any, while she revealed she has a “grown, old enough” daughter. Afterward, the woman voted yes to Nardo.

Watch the entire interaction starting at 15:52  the mark.

Nardo Previously Opened Up About His Past With Drinking & Drugs

In 2022, Nardo opened up about being around drugs at an early age while explaining why he turned to “the streets” as a teenager. He told DJ Akademiks on his ‘Off The Record’ podcast that his family exposed him to crack as early as 5 years old.

“I been around this sh*t my whole life since I can remember,” Nardo said. “I’m four or five and my uncles cooking crack and I’m asking what that is… A circle of crack and they like, ‘A grown-up cookie.’ It’s always been in me. My mom was really street and my daddy was serving.” 

The year before then, while speaking with ‘Say Cheese,’ Wick said he’s always “been a leader” and that’s why he’s never been talked into smoking and drinking.

“I don’t even smoke or drink. I ain’t never smoke or drink. Can’t nobody talk me into doing nothing. I done stopped n****s from doing dumb sh*t.”

He admitted that the first time he tried smoking was in second grade at like 6 years old. In fifth grade, he would hit the blunt roaches. But as he got older he started to believe there was no point in doing it.

“When n****s be high, that sh*t alters your mind. I gotta be 100% here, 100% focused, 100% alert.”

Meanwhile, folks on social media are cooking sis for her questions in the ’50 Women vs 1 Rapper’ video.

Thoughts, Roomies?

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