Woman Sues After Dentist Performed 32 Procedures In Single Visit

A Minnesota dentist is facing a lawsuit after a patient accused him of performing over 30 procedures in a single visit.

According to CNN, Kathleen Wilson filed the malpractice suit against Dr. Kevin Molldrem and Molldrem Family Dentistry last week. This comes after Dr. Molldrem allegedly performed eight crowns, four root canals, and 20 fillings on Wilson during a visit in July 2020.

In her lawsuit, Wilson called the procedures “negligent work,” which led her to seek corrective procedures from other dentists. All in all, she claims to have suffered “significant injuries” at the hands of Dr. Molldrem.

She’s reportedly seeking at least $50,000 in damages for her pain and embarrassment. Dr. Molldrem, who has been a dentist for 20 years, per his website, reportedly received the court summons on Dec. 20 at his Eden Prairie office.

Details On Dentist Who Performed Over 30 Procedures In One Visit

Kathleen’s lawsuit alleges that Dr. Molldrem gave her anesthesia “well in the excess of [the] recommended dosage.” Then, he allegedly falsified the amount he administered on her “medical records.”

Wilson’s attorney, Nathaniel Weimer, tapped another dentist, Dr. Avrum Goldstein, as an expert witness in the lawsuit. In a Nov. 14 report, Goldstein noted that Dr. Molldrem gave Kathleen 960 mg of anesthesia. However, the expert witness said that the amount was “grossly exceeding what would be considered safe.” The maximum she should’ve been given, per Dr. Goldstein, was 490 mg.

According to CNN, Goldstein wrote:

“There are finite amounts of anesthetic that can be administered over (a) 5- or 6-hour period, and exceeding that amount places the patient at risk for an overdose of anesthetic and potential(ly) harmful effects.”

Ultimately, Dr. Goldstein agreed with Dr. Molldrem’s initial assessment that “virtually every tooth” in Kathleen’s mouth had signs of decay. However, he shunned the dentist’s treatment plan. Goldstein said that “trying to fill every tooth in her mouth in one visit” was “not humanely possible to achieve.”

Instead, Goldstein insisted that Kathleen should’ve had “a slow, thoughtful, careful and measured response to her disease.” 

At this time, Dr. Molldrem has not returned CNN’s request for comment.

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