Yass! Let’s Celebrate Our Fave Ride Or Die Couples Featured On Prime Video’s Culture Rated Collection

Roomies, we all know Black creators influence so much of what trends in society today. From fashion to catchphrases, the “culture” is worldwide. Because of the impact of Black culture, it’s always important that we see ourselves on screen. Our history is so rich, and with so many of our stories going untold, we commend Prime Video’s commitment to showcasing Black storytelling with its Culture Rated collection. 

Culture Rated is a Prime Video initiative that champions Black creatives, perspectives, and community. Through original series and classic films and tv shows, Prime Video has created a media safe space that highlights the Black experience. 

As we begin Black History Month, we want to take a look back at some of our favorite characters and shows that are housed in this collection. With Valentine’s Day also taking place during Black History Month, there’s no better place to start than our favorite ride-or-die couples. While a straight forward love story is great to watch, these couples had us yelling at the screen as they tackled many obstacles, but in the end realized they belonged together. 

    • Love & Basketball: The story that has inspired a thousand think pieces. We’ve seen all of your tweets debating the dynamic of Quincy and Monica’s relationship. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, there’s no denying that they are truly a ride-or-die couple, and this film is a classic. 
    • Love Jones: From its iconic soundtrack, to the poetry, to its all-star cast, Love Jones is truly a classic film. The dynamic of Darius and Nina’s up and down relationship is what truly makes this a beloved film.
    • The Bodyguard: Whew, these two definitely had a rocky beginning to their relationship. Their hate to love dynamic coupled with the threats to her life made this a truly battled tested couple. A list of truly ride-or-die couples wouldn’t be complete without Frank and Rachel.

In the spirit of “The Bodyguard”, Prime Video’s new “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” series features a couple that definitely doesn’t fall into the love-at-first-sight category. As we look towards new classics, Donald Glover’s reimagining of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” features a new couple that will become one of our favorite ride-or-dies. 

In this new series that premiered on February 1st on Prime Video, John and Jane meet as two lonely strangers, who soon give up their lives and identities to be thrown together as partners. In this series, you’ll watch as the couple navigates both espionage and marriage. This is a must-see, and should definitely be on your watch list for Black History Month. 

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