Ye Blasts Content Creator Reacting To ‘Vultures’ Merch

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is prompting social media reactions after sharing words for Kai Cenat.

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Here’s What Kai Cenat Did During His Livestream

On Saturday, March 16, Kai Cenat uploaded the footage on YouTube from a recent livestream he did on Twitch. During the stream, he explained that he was gifted ‘Vultures’ merch.

As he unboxed the package, he showed viewers a T-shirt and an extremely large pair of sweatpants. Cenat tried the pants on while streaming. However, the garment was just too large.

“Ye! This s**t not fitting me!” he yelled, stretching the pants out from his waist before they fell to the floor. “Ye! This s**t is not fitting me, bro! Oh my God… Ye, you was supposed to send a small, gang. Not an extra-extra-large. What the f**k am I supposed to do this with?”

Cenat clarified that he didn’t think Kanye West sent him the package directly. However, he pleaded for someone on the rapper’s team to rectify the mistake.

From there, Cenat went on to unbox a pair of Ye’s sock-like YZY Pod shoes, which also left him confused.

Ye Shares Spicy Words For The Content Creator

About four minutes into the YouTube video, viewers mentioned that Ye posted a direct message he sent Cenat on his Instagram Story. In shock, Cenat reacted by screaming:

“Oh my God! What the…,” he said before reading Ye’s spicy message. “‘Don’t make no jokes about my clothes when you ain’t saying nothing about what Adidas is doing?’ When ‘Vultures’ came out, you didn’t play my verse. You controlled. Don’t play with me.’”

Cenat appeared visibly confused.

“Apologize for what, bro? What I gotta apologize for?” he later said. “…I just caught the craziest stray of my life!”

In response, Cenat messaged Ye, explaining that he hadn’t made a joke about his clothing. However, Ye apparently disagreed and shared another strong set of words for the streamer.

“F**k you n***a,” Ye wrote. “You was told to diss my s**t. You a pawn.”

Ultimately, Cenat hopped on the phone with the rapper’s manager, who appeared to settle the dispute.

Check out the clips and screenshots of Cenat and Ye’s DMs below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to Ye’s spicy words for Cenat in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @therichaunt wrote, “‘So I felt this way for no reason’ is so manipulative and unhinged 😫”

While Instagram user @janetsamz added,Fighting with a 21 year old because he said the pants YOU sent to him are the wrong size is nuts”

Instagram user @stephanierenee._ wrote, “‘AHHHH F*CK ADIDAS AHHHH’ 😭😂😂😂”

While Instagram user @luffysloverr added,If the pants didn’t fit, then they didn’t fit😭😭Kanye chill out😭😭”

Instagram user @back_kracker wrote,😂😂😂this whole conversation is hilarious. It’s an old head and a young Kat trying to come to a resolution but neither one of them understands the other one’s perspective and lingo because they from two different generations. 😩😩😩”

While Instagram user @mac.and.cheeyzz added, Kai young. But he ain’t no dummy or no punk!! He wasn’t hearing that shit and stood on business while being professional and respectful! Mad respect for Kai!”

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