Ye, FKA Kanye West, Calls Kai Cenat An “Industry Plant”

Kai Cenat recently reacted to Ye calling him an industry plant.

VIBE reports that the rapper made the claim during a sit-down with Justin Laboy for an episode of “The Download’ podcast.

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What Did Ye Say?

The Grammy winner ranted to LaBoy, “Who the f*** is Kai Cent?” mispronouncing his last name.

“If you’re posting something negative, you’re just on the wrong side of the future because… we out here stepping away from Adidas,” the ‘Runaway’ rapper stated. “Like the s*** Kai Cent, that’s some industry plant s***,” he added.

“The exact genre is the most industry plants…it’s about like influence and mind control,” Ye claimed.

Kai’s Reaction To Ye’s Rant

Kai was seemingly annoyed and frustrated with the 46-year-old.

The Gen Z streamer yelled, “Who the f*** is Kai Cent?”

“Okay, buddy, first things first, Ye. I have been doing this s*** since 2018,” Kai explained.

He continued, “Facebook. Me. Bronx. Funny Skits, Been doing this s***, Ye. You feel me!” 

“All because a lot of people…” the 22-year-old said before stopping and redirecting his speech.

 “Man, f*** that! The pants ain’t fit, my n****! God d***. Why is he arguing, bruh?”

“Man, what the f****? Bro, Ye, just send me some new pants, bro. Like no cap… I’m far from an industry plant, I done got this s**** out the mud. People gotta do some research,” he added.

Why Is Ye Apparently Upset with Cenat?

As previously reported, the ‘Don’t Like !’ rapper was initially upset after Kai unboxed a VULTURES clothing package during a Twitch livestream. The garments were from the rapper’s brand. The digital creator stated the pants were too large for him. Kai was comical in the clip as he showed how large the pants were on him, but he didn’t trash the design.

After the designer initially saw Kai’s video, he stated, “Don’t make no jokes about my clothes…When you ain’t saying nothing about what Adidas is doing…”

Ye charged, “When Vulture’s song came out, you ain’t play my verse… You controlled. Don’t play with me.”

Watch Kai’s response below:

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