Yo Gotti’s Brother Big Jook Shot And Killed In Memphis

Yo Gotti‘s brother, Big Jook, was reportedly shot and killed near a restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred on Saturday (January 13), shortly after Jook had attended a funeral service in the area.

Yo Gotti’s Brother Reportedly Killed In Memphis Shooting

At around 4:15 PM, the Memphis police responded to gunfire reports outside of Perignons Restaurant & Event Center where a shooting had injured two people.

The Daily Mail reported that authorities pronounced Jook dead at the scene. An ambulance rushed the second victim to St. Francis Hospital, where upon arrival, they listed them in critical condition.

From their current findings, police suspect that the shooting was a targeted attack, though it’s still unclear what the motive behind the shooting was.

There’s also been no mention of whether Gotti was present at the scene when the shooting occurred. The ‘Down In The DM’ rapper has yet to address the tragedy that took his brother’s life.

Hours before his passing, Jook used Instagram Story to honor his friend whose funeral he had attended that same day.

In the caption, he paid tribute to the late individual by saying “RIP UNK LAS VEGAS ERIC.” He referred to his friend as a “legend.”

Jook’s Final Instagram Post

On Friday (January 12), Jook shared a cryptic message in his final Instagram post, urging fans to stay vigilant.

“They don’t want to face you they wanna snake you… Stay alert 2 stay alive watch your back at all times… Put snakes on the plate and eat great…” he wrote.

Jook is standing beside a Christmas tree in the video posted on his page. In the accompanying message, he warns people to be cautious of those who may deceive or betray them.

Jook continued his caption by mentioning to always keep an eye out and be wary of potential dangers.

“They don’t want to face you they wanna snake you… Stay alert 2 stay alive watch your back at all times…Put snakes on the plate and eat great…”

According to an official statement shared on X, the Memphis Police Department is urging anyone with any relevant information to come forward regarding the shooting.

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