Yung Miami Flexes Her Bars In Exclusive Freestyle Clip (Video)

Yung Miami is going viral after flexin’ her bars in an exclusive clip of an upcoming freestyle music video.

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Here’s An Exclusive Look At Yung Miami’s Upcoming WERK

During the early hours of Friday, February 9, The Shade Room obtained an exclusive clip of the rapper’s freestyle “50/50.” The clip appears to be a snippet from the song’s upcoming music video.

In the clip, Yung Miami is seen rocking a black fur coat, a plethora of ice, and copper-red hair.

Check out the clip below.

Around the same time the clip was posted via The Shade Room, Yung Miami took to her own Instagram account to also share the clip with fans. Additionally, she added a brief caption.

“Imma Mogul N***a!!!!!!!!! 50/50 OUT NOW!!!!” she wrote.

To note, the rapper has yet to release the full-length video. However, she has released the freestyle’s official audio on YouTube.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to weigh in on the rapper’s bars.

Instagram user @julie_patriece wrote.

“I be wishing she can rap so bad…. I know I’m broke but i said what i said”

While Instagram user @kensssy_ added.

“My girl and all but just let jt handle it”

Instagram user @beautifulkendra wrote.

“Her hair looks nice… That’s all I got.”

While Instagram user @photosofmarcus added.

“Caresha.. plz”

Instagram user @jaytheelite wrote.

“I would of rather had another episode of Caresha please 😂”

While Instagram user @mannysolo added.

“Yeah… I wanted to like it… I really did”

Instagram user @fittedboyla wrote.

“all them hand movements do not match the energy she rapping with nor the lyrics lol”

While Instagram user @spotlightshanell remarked.

“Yall always drag her then be screaming the song word for word two weeks later lol. I love her and she can do no wrong in my eyes idc idc idc 🤣”

Meanwhile, Yung Miami also stepped in with her own comment.


Here’s What The Rapper Has Been Up To Recently

As The Shade Room previously reported, Yung Miami appeared to kick the year off alongside her daughter’s father, Southside. On January 15, the pair were spotted turning up at Atlanta’s Opium nightclub.

“…It’s time to act bad, and I came to have a good time,” she told the crowd. “Shoutout my baby daddy in this b***h.”

Since then, the ‘Caresha Please’ host and rapper appears to be focused on rolling out her next project. Earlier this week, she took to Instagram to share a clip of what seems to be an upcoming documentary. Additionally, the 29-year-old declared that she’s in her “Yams Era” or “prime time.”

“Welcome to the YAMs Era!
The Yams Era is my Prime time!

In the Yams we do ginger hair…focus on ourselves…& get money!

Yams is the new lingo…

To my fans,
The YAMS…this is the new us.”

The rapper also appears to be paying homage to football coach Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime.

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